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First Generation College Student Grants

Regina Said:

Does grad school have state and federal grants and scholarships like undergrad study? My EFC is 0.?

We Answered:

Federal - loans only after you have received one BS degree.
State - the 3 I know about offer no grants for grad students but some offer scholarships for graduate teaching degrees.
Institutional - this is your best shot, look for scholarships from your department or get a teaching fellowship which will either reduce tutition or give you free tuition in most schools.

Tammy Said:

Dropping classes at college?

We Answered:

check with your school's policy on having dropped classes because there is a certain amount of classes you can drop before you are placed on academic probation.

and yes - it does affect your financial aid somewhat.

and to avoid dropping classes - figure out why are you dropping them ... is it because of your study skills? or you tried sticking with the subject but no avail? is it the professor?

pick classes youre interested in next semester. and if you are feeling overwhelmed or under constant pressure then maybe you can visit the psychological counseling center - just so that you have someone to talk too

college can be overwhelming if you have horrible time management skills and you just came from HS etc etc but remember - a lot of colleges now doing a lot of things for freshmen students


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