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Florida College Students Mail

Allison Said:

Does anyone know how to get discounted, overstocked, or promotional tickets to Walt Disney World or Universal?

We Answered:

I wouldn't be surprised if you get an email or two offering to sell you this information. Trouble is there is no such thing as overstocked or deeply discounted tickets to these parks. Universal is much more affordable than Disney. An earlier poster said to buy Florida resident tickets, but unless you are a Florida resident you'll not be able to use those as they do check for proof of residency.

Try for a small discount. They are an authorized seller. Buying from a seller that is not authorized will not guarantee tickets. Buying partially used tickets from someone else won't work either, because tickets are tied to their original owners.

The tickets are expensive, but people pay the price Disney is asking, which is why they don't need discounts. Unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there taking advantage of people looking to save big.

Good luck.

Rodney Said:

Can property owner increase rent in the middle of the lease? What can happen if I don't pay the increase?

We Answered:

Unless it is stated in the lease that rent increases are allowed, your landlord cannot raise your rent in the middle like this. Here are some links from the Florida Public Interest Research Group that might help you. The first is the "renters handbook" that they put out. The second is a direct link to the chapter where they talk about this. I hope this works out for you, good luck!

Angel Said:

Can I sue my college?

We Answered:

That does all suck.

Ignoring that the situation is too he said she said to deal with...

You really can't sue because you don't know what your damages are. You will not be successful in a law suit about aggravation. To receive a cash judgment, you'd have first prove that you will definitely graduate late and then estimate what you would've made in the extra semester had you graduated on time. What are those wages? Well, in this economy, statistically, it's $0. College grads aren't being hired that quickly. Even if that weren't the case, it's too many variables to calculate an award.

I agree that these people are way too dumb to educate you and you should go elsewhere. Worst case, you might try sweet talking some professors to see if they'll let you in. It happens, but you have to work at the waiver, it's not automatic by any stretch.

Alberto Said:

I want to become a Child Life Specialist, I live in FLorida?

We Answered:

Get in contact with the Highest Education Authority you can in your state.
Try ot arrange a meeting with the committee chairman for this occupation.
They always need more people, and they will willingly guide you in the right direction.

Charlie Said:

hey guys i need help like real bad?

We Answered:

What are my chances for getting into a top tier international business school? Right now I am an undergrad college Junior majoring in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Business, Social Sciences (cultural anthropology classes and poli sci classes), and Languages (learning French and Italian)with a minor in Magazine Journalism. I am an RA, and my current GPA is 3.68. This summer I really want to either study abroad or get an internship, but I have a lot of research to do about that! What do you recommend?

What are some good international business schools in other countries?

Are the odds against me since I'm a Liberal Studies major? Should I switch to business even though it would require me to stay here longer? Please give me your honest advice, I'd really appreciate it!


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