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Foreign Exchange Programs For College Students

Linda Said:

Former American Foreign Exchange Students: Where did you go to college?

We Answered:

I spent my junior year in France through Council on International Educational Exchange/CIEE and this fall I will be attending McGill University in Montreal. Though I'm unsure about NYU, lots of colleges and universities appreciate students who have studied abroad in high school as they have a world perspective, know how to live on their own, sufficient in language, etc.

As for your class rank/GPA, some schools accept abroad credits as pass/fail, though mine would not. The first two or so months in school were difficult, but after that it wasn't hard to get good grades in school. If you are passionate about culture and language and are motivated to work hard, there is no reason that studying abroad shouldn't be a moving and life-changing experience for you.

Tara Said:

College/Studying Abroad/High School Foreign Exchange student?

We Answered:

High School:

1) It doesn't really depend on your high school. It does depend on how you will work out your high school credits to make sure you have all the requirements (credits) to graduate high school on time. If you do decide to study abroad the you will have to consult your school and college counselor (at your school) to make sure you have the grades, you will figure out when you will take you sat's, and generally if you have good enough grades to leave for a semester.

2) You can choose where you want to go, but usually if you go through a program (which is what you should do) you can put down the countries you want to visit and they will decide which one you can be in. But they will take your first choice as a priority.

3) They will usually encourage you to study abroad as a junior/senior as a freshman/sophomore you usually have to get special permission from your school. The age limit is usually 15-18 (while your in high school.)

4) It is an amazing experience, and you will not regret doing it. Especially if you do it in high school, colleges love that because they see that you have taken a non-traditional route during high school, and you can apply for all these scholarships (which is what I did.) You can also use your experience abroad to write for your college essays.


1) Usually if the college just offers certain locations then that is most likely where your to go.

2) You can do both. You can go to college here in the U.S. for however long, then take a year and go to college abroad.

Studying Abroad:
An amazing experience, you meet knew people, learn a language, do something you love (like for you taking photos in a new country.) And if you do it in high school, you will be offered SO SO many scholarships. I went for a year as a junior to south america, and it was the best time of my life, I go back there to visit my friends and what was my host family. Don't let this opportunity go, you should study abroad!

Alright, I hope this helped :)

Christina Said:

Are there any foreign exchange student programs that I can do on a scholarship?

We Answered:

You can get info about such college scholarships and grants online here -

Marilyn Said:

Foreign exchange student programs?

We Answered:

I recommend either Rotary International or AFS.

Rotary International is a scholarship type program. They don't charge a fee, and you only pay for your insurance and plane ticket. They do a really good job in selecting great host families and go to great lengths to screen them. They also provide you a monthy allowance for your free-time and will often take you on (free) trips (I went on several outings with rotary, they even sent me in an all expense paid 10 day trip around Germany so I could get to know my host country better). However, they do not allow you to choose your country. You choose a top 6 and then they see what they can do. You are also expected to participate in Rotary Club functions.

As far as AFS goes, I have several friends whom i met on exchange who used them, and had nothing but good things to say about the program.

One word of advice, don't get too determined on a few particular countries. If you can't get a place in the countries you want, you should still be an exchange student. You will have the time of your life no matter where you are.

Audrey Said:

Why is STUDENT Foreign Exchange Program SO EXPENSIVE?

We Answered:

Thats a damn good question I don't know really...

From my personal experience I'd say college. Just because if you're in high school you're going to have to hit your parents up for the cash. I took two years off before College, worked for one of them, and travelled Europe for the other. Also at my College (university) in Australia, we have exchange programs with uni's all over the world so we only have to pay travelling expenses and no school thats what i'll be doing next year!

Good Luck with Saving!

Christine Said:

anyone know how many college hours do i need to be elligible for the foreign exchange student program? thanks?

We Answered:

It will depend on your school's qualifications, but usually it is your senior year that you are able to study abroad.

Agnes Said:

Does anybody no anything about Foreign Exchange Programs?

We Answered:

Sure -- most all programs offer a semester. Some also have a "graduate" or "13th year" program where you can go for a whole year after high school graduation.

The premier organizations are AFS, YFU and Rotary. I'm not sure if Rotary has a semester opportunity, the others do! Also, check with your counselor for a recommendation. Chances are he/she has worked with programs before.

You'll probably need to apply soon for spring! I'm not sure when deadlines are.

Great idea and a wonderful way to use that semester! Good luck!

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