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Darren Said:

Career Conflict of Sorts ?

We Answered:

OK, first of all, a degree in accounting could be useful in ways other than being an accountant or CPA. A firm understanding of accounting principles could help you in nearly any other field, plus serve as a back up if you find yourself unable to make enough to survive in a more fun profession.

For instance, are you creative? What about doing event management? You could travel some with that, organize events (your accounting skills would be handy in organizing the expenses, etc.) bring in celebs, etc.

Just don't assume with your degree you only have to be CPA. Get the degree and then start looking for other avenues. If you're smart, it won't be that difficult. Truly.

Lillie Said:

What a good career test to take?

We Answered:

Here are two FREE career tests! You should try these out and see what you think. They are both very accurate as I have taken both of them. I think this is a great place for you to get started. Good Luck!


Bobby Said:

How to handle a tough university advisor?

We Answered:

I have been affiliated with several colleges in and around Baltimore. I don't know of any college where the advisors can alter your grades or GPAs. I do know that he advisors are very important to international students. They should be knowledgeable of visa regulations and requirements. Also they should be able to give you advice on what classes you should take and in what order. Unfortunately many people have a hard time taking responsibility for themselves. You may have spoken to people who did poorly in a class or program then blamed the advisor for their academic status. If you have an advisor that you feel is giving you bad advice I would suggest talking to them first. Make an appointment and explain exactly what you need and your concerns. It may just be a case of communication. If after this meeting you feel that your needs are still not being met meet the director of counseling to discuss your concerns. Also I would highly recommend that you be proactive in your education. Find out what resources are available to you (tutoring, writing center etc) take advantage of these to help keep your grades high. Second, be sure you understand what is necessary to maintain your student visa. Contact immigration and/or your embassy for help with this. If you maintain adequate grades and immigration status there is nothing your advisor can do to hurt you. Good luck.

Ramon Said:

Do you have any advice on going to college and finding the right job?

We Answered:

hey guy, what do you like to do? what do you enjoy, and try to think of something that encompasses that activity in a job. A.K.A. I loved to work with my hands creating things, and I definitely couldn't sit at a desk and work all day so I went to college and got a degree and then became an electrician.

Chester Said:

School Counseling field.... Need advice!?

We Answered:

hey, so i'm actually a high school student going through the whole college/career process right now. my counselor is amazing; she is so helpful. as a student, i really appreciate all the help and advice she gives me. if i have any sort of question about a college, or about a career i'm interested in, she is more than willing to help me out and point me in the right direction.
as far as paperwork goes, i have no doubt that she has quite a bit of paperwork to fill out for various things. maybe it's just because she's kind of the "head" carerr/college guidance counselor. she's very organized though, and she seems to really enjoy her job.
I think that if you really have a passion for helping students with their future plans, then being a guidance counselor would be totally worth it. now, that's just my student point of view. i really appreciate my counselor, and trust her so much.
i hope i helped, and good luck with your decision!

Lena Said:

i want to change careers, where can i go to find out which career suits me best?

We Answered:

Google, "career coaching". I am not suggesting you pay a career coach.... But lots have good information on their sites. I though we were opening a nursing home?

Most career tests online are not very useful. It seems almost all put your name on a mailing list. Use a non personal email:

Google: career evaluation or career competence.

Finding a career stinks....

Discuss It!

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