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Free Cars For College Students

William Said:

How many college students would be willing to ride the city bus across town to attend the university ?

We Answered:

Of course! I'm not one of the people who think they're too good for the bus. I ride it all the time because I have no car, and I don't care what other people think.

Kristina Said:

Does St. Philip's College in San Antonio really fix cars for free?

We Answered:

Paul Rein hit the nail right on the head for this question. Some schools do have this type program. You may also want to check with Vo-Tech programs at high schools. They do the same thing. Just as Rein said though, your car problem usually has to coincide with what they are learning at the time.

Another thing to consider is if you really want students working on your car. While I thin its important for these future mechanics to have hands on experience, I think its better for them to have access to people's cars that they won't be hurried on. For example, it's better for them to work on someone's cars that has several and can part with their ride long enough for these kids to learn properly. I've heard horror stories about these programs turning out cars in worse shape then they started with because people hurried them to finish with their cars. Keep in mine these kids are learning. The teacher has to explain things to them. They have to study things. They are not a shop that's going to devote time specifically to your car.

What I'm saying is there is nothing wrong with taking your car to a school to be fixed. Just be prepared for reality. Be sure you can do without your car so these kids can learn. They will do you a service by fixing your car for free. You have to do them a service by allowing them open access to your car. It's a we'll scratch your back you scratch ours situation.

Angel Said:

Is there anyone willing to give a college student a free car?

We Answered:

If you go to seizure auctions you can get lucky and get a car in decent condition for virtually nothing (even under $100 dollars!

But...with gas prices and insurance rates what they may want to look into options for what's doable or not.

Oscar Said:

Is Mexico open for US taxpayers paying for dream act in Mexico equals free college educations with US paying?

We Answered:

There will be a civil war in the U.S. before that happens.

Edwin Said:

I am wondering if there is a program/organization for college students to apply for donated cars?

We Answered:

Never heard of such a program,but you can start one.

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