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Free College Grants For Students

Gerald Said:

Anyone know anything about a program for students to go to college for free if they have Indian in their blood

We Answered:

I believe that the government will provide funding for education if you can establish that you are at least 1/8 Native Americans. I imagine the Bureau of Indian Affairs is the agency responsible.

Colleen Said:

Is it better to be an independent college student for the purpose of getting state or federal grants?

We Answered:

well, you could get married. But, look at all of the things you will have to do, pay for a marriage license, must need health insurance and you will have to get a job. Also, being independent does not guarantee you will get grants. If you filled your fafsa already and then got married, you can't change the status. you will have to wait until next year. once again, if you decide to do it make sure you have a prenup and suggest she keeps her last name (financial loop hold)

Phyllis Said:

Does Anyone know a denist in Houston TX that does free or discounted Restorative denistry for college students

We Answered:

This best option i can think of is University dental colleges. They charge fees depending on who does the work and you can get the work done at a discount of up to a third of what normal dentist would charge.…

Tracey Said:

Does Ikea gives college grants or schoolars?

We Answered:

Go to the website You will need to create an account but it gives you a list of all scholarships you would qualify for according to your specifications. There are several scholarships out there, ones that offer dorm furniture and stuff. It's worth a shot.

Ricardo Said:

Where can I find free government grants to pay for rent and other things?

We Answered:

Try fast food restaurants-in my area they will hire anyone who can speak English, show up on time and has a food handlers card (and most places will let you get one after your first paycheck!)

Why haven't you talked to your college about part time jobs? Many, many colleges have like a zillion gazillion million work study/part time jobs right there on campus. You should find that info at the student center or carer counseling center.

As for Christmas, contact toys for tots (they are in the phone book or visit look up your local salvation army and contact them. You'll need to start doing it this week as many christmas programs have a cut off date.

Don't be embarresed to goto a food bank either for help, and apply for section 8/housing assitance. You welfare office should have info on how to apply for housing assitance.

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