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Free College Scholarships For High School Students

Sergio Said:

I'm going to college for free but HATE school. What should I do?

We Answered:

Ohhhh how I envy you. An unappreciated full ride scholarship makes me sad. (Lazy but smart so my GPA for a full scholarship is a little under the mark :( )

Really, you should definitely get yourself into the clubs. Only thing I can think of is that you should expose yourself to more opportunities to find out what you may actually be good at. Seems like you're still stuck in that soul searching stage and I think that putting yourself out there would be the best thing for you.

And relax. From what you've told me so far, I think you would like having a major in Arts and Humanities.

Good luck to you. I hope you find yourself and your major.

Gregory Said:

What state should I go to for a full college scholarship?

We Answered:

I don't know all the states that do stuff like this, but Massachusetts offers free tuition to any Mass. student who scores above a certain point on the SAT. The free tuition applies to any public college or university in Mass, and that includes UMass Amherst, which is one of the top 100 universities in the US.

New Jersey offers free tuition to any NJ community colleges, I believe to any NJ student who scores above a certain mark on the SAT.

I think Florida and Georgia both have some sort of deal, where you either have to score above a certain point on the SAT, or graduate with a certain GPA or something. You can look into that.

The City University of New York system has a program called Macaulay Honors, where tuition is free, they give you a stipend, a free laptop and etc., if you meet certain requirements:…

There may be others as well.

There are also universities in the US which are free to anyone who can get into them. Admissions is highly competitive:

The Cooper Union, in NYC
Olin College, in Massachusetts
The Curtis Institute, in Philadelphia
The Yale School of Music, in New Haven
The College of the Ozarks, where you work in exchange for tuition
Webb Institute

Of course, CU only offers art, architecture and engineering. Webb is only marine engineering, marine architecture and similar. Olin is only engineering. Curtis and Yale are both music. Webb is naval related subjects. College of the Ozarks offers the broadest selection in terms of majors.

Note that when I say free, or in situations where a state gives a student a scholarship for doing well on the SAT, that's usually a scholarship for tuition. You usually still have to pay for room and board.

There are other schools that are free - the military academies, for example. Places like West Point, Annapolis, etc. are free, not only of tuition, but they even pay for your housing and books and etc. Of course, then you owe them some service time.

The other option is to go any school that has a ROTC program, and apply for an ROTC scholarship. Then the military will pay for your studies - so long as you major in specific things, and join the military afterwards.

Marsha Said:

What do you think illegal aliens get free college education ?

We Answered:

what do you care? their getting money from private scholarships to cover the difference between out-of-state tuition and in-state tuition. This money doesn't come from your taxes, it comes from private citizens. And these kids still have to pay the regular tuition costs on their own.

Now stop whining, for all you know one of those imigrants that made it to college because of this financial aid will end up curing some fatal disease that you get someday.

Victor Said:

Illegal immigrant status dashes college plans where is this free college they all talk about here?

We Answered:

With million of supporters you never any of them come forward offering their money to pay for this illegals school fee's .Out of millions and millions of supporters they are very tight with their own money. I find it hard to believe "You weren't born here."
They all illegals do is speak about Mexico this and Mexico that .The kids had to wonder why are there so many Mexican flags inside the home ? This is all staged.

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