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Free Condoms For College Students

Anne Said:

question on birth control?

We Answered:

Nuvaring unless you have a history of infections...i've been on it for 4months now and I love it i was also on ortho tricylin low and left terrible

Charles Said:

What tactics should I use to steal the younger voters from Obama?

We Answered:

Well I am a frequent kegger-ator so I would have to say no. The more I drink, the more I hate you, so I would make it a point to get some Mickey D's breakfast and vote against yo old ***. It's simple.

I would try to throw some good "magic mushroom" parties instead. You'd have better luck with that. Young people love magic mushrooms. So do women. so give a shot eh?

Richard Said:

donations at planned parenthood?

We Answered:

Planned Parenthood is a wonderful organization dedicated to helping young women (as well as the not so young). Any amount of money donated is "good enough". You shouldn't feel guilty for not giving more, but I can understand where you're coming from. Maybe you could save up here and there for a larger donation at your next visit. I know how hard it is when you don't have a regular income, but so do they. Don't be hard on yourself.

Harry Said:

I'm a college student who would like STD testing, but simply can't afford it. What to do?

We Answered:

Call the local health dept. in your area, sometimes they will help with it. Would not your parents rather have you be acting mature and taking care of your health. I have girls in college and they talk to me about their sexual experiences and often ask my advice. Hearing this sure makes me glad we have this kind of relationship for sure. I would hate to think my child needs attention and is not getting it because they are scared I might find out. I would feel as if I had failed as a parent if this was true. Oh my, go to the doctor and don't worry about the ins. would be another route. I really would be surprised to find your parents to be more upset about you having sex and wanting to be sure you are healthy then to think you would not get care you need because of them.

Francis Said:

Where can I get a large box of condoms for free?

We Answered:

I don't know about a whole box but you could try getting some from Planned Parent Hood.

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