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Free Grants For College Students

Caroline Said:

Should we grant free college educations U. students seek DREAM Act passage?

We Answered:

What happens when illegals cannot graduate from college after six years ? Will illegals go ahead and get citizenship anyway ? What comes next the Dream Act Car ? Illegals who cannot make it to school shall also be issued new cars to make their trips back and forth due to $$$$$ hardship ? I still say again-- all the monies Mexico is getting from the drug cartels they can use it to setup college educations. Problem solved

Rene Said:

Grants For College That Are Free To Apply For And Have A High Return Rate?

We Answered:

The only other resource that I can give you is this website. Check it out.

Julie Said:

Do you think that students with a 3.0 gpa or higher get more financial aid or go to college for free?

We Answered:

In Georgia, we have the Hope Scholarship. For the most part, you get a free Bachelor's Degree as long as you keep your GPA at or above 3.0

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