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Free Insurance For College Students

Marion Said:

Should college students be provides with free health insurance?

We Answered:

~~Yes I do believe students should be covered with health insurance for free.

I have to explain my answer and it it because we are in a global economy where all other industrialized countries cover their citizens. We are at a huge disadvantage educationally wise as well as job wise because students are not always able to be 100 percent on their studies because of having to work to pay for health insurance a must have necessity. We are 24th and 27th in math and science and we are 12th in graduate students. I see a huge part of this being that students have to drop out to find a job and the majority of this is to pay for medical care. Parents are not always able to afford it, and many can't get coverage because of a preexisting disease.

If you work in the health care system it gives you a much clearer picture of what is happening to our country economically and most of this can be pointed at having a for profit (for insurance companies-huge corporations) middlemen, I do not mean doctors and nurses. Therefore until we get the middle man out of a business every person MUST HAVE to survive, we will continue dropping lower in education and jobs. You can not compete in the world economy without education and business. Health care costs stifles business and students.

You can understand why agents and health insurance companies do not agree with me. However, medical professionals all see the problem.~~

Bessie Said:

Any way for me to get free/cheap student insurance or something?

We Answered:

There is no low cost insurance but there are community health clinics, low income clinics and public health service clinics. In addition you have student health center which could give you some ointment for it.

Dustin Said:

Free health insurance for college student?

We Answered:

Your foster parents sound like vultures.

1st off, check out local clinics and see it there is some kind of counselling you can get at school. I have read that in some schools they have health insurance.

2nd; even if you applied today for a health insurance policy, it covers FROM THIS DAY FORWARD, it WILL NOT GO BACK 90 DAYS AND PAY A BILL, otherwise no one would buy until they got a bill and submit for payment. Think about it, would that make sense?

Good luck and I hope you get better and some help with this.

Christy Said:

Health Insurance For Full Time College Students?

We Answered:

She probably means her parents cover her while in school. If you are in college, you may want to check out health insurance programs that are written through your school. United Healthcare has a plan available at many US schools. These student injury and illness plans provide wide ranging coverage and are designed to be affordable for college students. To check if your school is participating, go to and enter your school name in the search box. You might also be interested in joining the American College Student Association (ACSA), a national organization for college students. They have lots of member benefits, including student health insurance. Their membership fee is affordable.

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