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Free Medical Insurance For College Students

Tracy Said:

Where do I get free medical care for my ex-college student daughter?

We Answered:

the local urgent care facility is the cheapest way to go around here unless you qualify in some other way for assistance.

A kidney infection is nothing to take lightly, a urinary tract infection is one thing, a bladder or kidney infection needs anti-biotics, NOW.

damage to kidneys, serious fever, struvite stones rapidly forming, these are not a joke.

Do you know anyone with any spare Keflex or other urinary system related antibiotics laying around. Get them.

Curtis Said:

free or low cost medical help?

We Answered:

i had a friend at work and she missed open enrollment for health insurance so she went to this clinic and she said its less expensive there to not have insurance than it is to have it.. im sure its a low income facility but they charged her maybe 40 bucks she said.. anyways find yourself one of those clinics.. its like emergency care but its not an ER.. call a few Dr's offices and ask around. im sure they will try to help you.. you should definitely see someone.. go down to Walgreen's or rite aid and do one of those blood pressure tests and see what it says because that's what it sounds like..sometimes that stuff can just be hereditary.. not have anything to do with your lifestyle..
good luck.

Edith Said:

Dental care without insurance/money?

We Answered:

You can definitely get on state assistance for medical and dental and food assistance as long as your mom doesn't claim you as a dependent anymore. You can do it temporarily until your mom starts working again, or do it long term as it would probably benefit the both of you. Go to the local health services office and ask them what's available to you, or try to find their website. It depends on the state, but they usually have applications online and a list of resources that can help. And with state assistance, you will be able to choose your own doctor and dentist and keep the problem taken care of. I had the same problem with a cavity and no insurance, but I made too much for financial aid from the state so I was stuck without insurance for 4 years and now paid 1000$ last week to repair that ONE tooth that I let get out of control. Ugh. Good luck!!!

Kristin Said:

how do i apply for medical care in the state of Illinois if i do not have insurance? ?

We Answered:

If your single with no kids and are over 18 the they will not give you a medical card.I would call lawndale christian health center at 773-843-3001 or If you have no insurance you will only pay about 15 $ sliding scale fee to see a doctor. There are 3 clinics in the city and all are near public transportation.There is a pharmacy there and the prescriptions are sold at cost. When you call them ask for the next available appointment the main number is connected to all the other clinics so you can get in as soon as tomorrow morning.Just remember to ask what info you need to bring in so you will get the sliding scale fee.

Virgil Said:

can i sign up anywhere in Florida to be a volunteer to get my wisdom teeth extracted for free?

We Answered:


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