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Free Online College Courses For High School Students

Carmen Said:

Where to get free help on going to college?

We Answered:

What exactly is it that you want to study? What field do you want to go into?

For financial aid you should apply for the FAFSA. It's free and is the common source used and recommended to all students for financial aid.

I would like to point you in the right direction, but I need to know what you want to study first because there are many different paths you can take. Even if you don't think it has a name just try and explain it in your additional details.

My e-mail is available on my profile and I'm in uni so I think I should be able to give you a place to start. I'm pretty familiar with the college process and how to get started.

The site provided by sarah jessica is actually spam and will harm your computer.

Okay, try this site it's what many college applicants use:…

So, until you can get into NOLS perhaps you can get an associates or tech degree in animal science/behavior.

Leonard Said:

for college students...i need some advice?

We Answered:

Yea that is definitely a giant course load you are considering.

Firstly: I don't know any colleges that have online courses for you to take a foreign language. Cultural classes, sure, but the whole point of taking a language in college is to make sure you can speak it. If the particular college that you are looking at does, than it probably isn't a very credible degree program. And no, Rosetta Stone doesn't count. You will have to take them in regular courses.

The first 4 classes (semesters) of any language are usually 5 hour classes, meaning you attend them 5 hours per week and help you get the basics down. (If you are already proficient, you can test out of these at some schools: see the testing center at your college). After that, courses are usually 3 credits and concentrate more on the advanced parts of a language. When I tested, I got placed in a German 3000 course and it was Advanced Grammar. These kinds of courses are more likely to be online, but still they most likely won't be.

Depending on your major, some colleges accept languages as part of your major degree as well, meaning you will have to take 2 or 3 fewer courses. Keep in mind that a college course in languages is just as much work, no matter how easy it may come to you, as any other course, online or not.

With that in mind, it will be difficult to graduate in just 4 years with a major and 2 minors. 1 minor is doable. Both are doable if you take a full load of summer classes as well...but its nice to take a break and have only 1, 2, or none, even.

A full time college student is considered to be taking 12 hours - which translates to (4) 3 credit classes, or a combination of any others. Courses typically range from 3 to 5 credits each. Most students end up taking more than 12, because if you take only 12 credits for 2 semesters per year, there is no way to graduate with just a major in 4 years. Typically, students take 14 to 16 credits, and find that that is enough. You should expect up to 2 hours of homework for each credit hour (often times it is less, sometimes more, but this is a good estimate). So with 16 credits, it would be like 48 hours per week that you will be working on school - that's more than a full time job, but most students who excel can handle it.

Most colleges allow 16 hours maximum that you can take, however you can take up to 19 credit hours with permission from the dean. You will probably need recommendations from previous teachers though to take this much on, and most advise against it, as you will go crazy with almost 57 hours a week dedicated to school. This 16 credit limit includes online courses, so there is no "taking them on the side". Again: online courses are often just as challenging and require just as much work, if not more. With regular courses, many teachers classes you can pass as long as you show up. Its wrong, but its factual.

Hope this helps!

Also: if you are serious about a language in your career, consider majoring in one rather than minoring. It pays off in the long run. When I tested out of the german courses, I got automatic credit for them. After skipping those classes, I only needed to take 9 other courses for the major, and something like 5 or 6 for the minor. That means: only 3 or 4 classes difference between the minor and the major.

Armando Said:

Do I Even Have a CHANCE?? *Best Answer!*?

We Answered:

Career and educations

Carmen Said:

Online Summer Pre-Calculus Course for High School Students?

We Answered:

It's either going to be free (a public online high school in your state)
or over $200 ( a private national online high school)
Check out both on this site:
Free Public schools:…
Private online schools:…

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