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Free Samples For College Students

Gabriel Said:

Customers and Advice needed on Cheap Mark Makeup?

We Answered:

Well first an email is simply not enough, make sure to order the Mark Magalogs and samples of the perfume and even the lipgloss, you can order them online with your regular orders. I have honestly found, and I guess thats how it should be, that the mark stuff is more appealing to women under 25, mostly teens. So take the magalogs and leave them in college areas, if you live in a dorm make sure and leave books in the bathroom. You could prbably spend $15 on mark and Avon books and some samples and have at least 10 new customers. I know its a rough start, I've almost quit twice this year, but thw best thing to do is hand out actual books to your friends.

Hilda Said:

free gift cards ect..?

We Answered:

There is a site called prize rebel where you can get neat stuff by completing surveys, then you get points u use 2 buy stuff

sign up at :…
After you signup they will send you a confirmation link to your email address you entered. Click the link and you're done.

Step 2: Complete Offers

you can check out the prize list before you sign up heres the link:

Here are a few tips for filling out offers:
1. Read the offer carefully so you know exactly what to do to get the points.
2. Delete cookies before every offer
3. Complete offer with false but realistic information

This site unline my rewards really works. My rewards does not work i have tried it and it sucks
Prize rebel is wasy betta ive already gotten to 20 dollar gift card on for target and one for itunes try it =)

Anthony Said:

Are there anymore ways I can cut spending? I think that I am already very frugal, but I'm not sure.?

We Answered:

hm.. dang. and i thought i had it bad.. lol well you know as far as grocery shopping, you can start shopping in bulk stores like win-co. places like safeway are way over priced and overrated. buy some full grain oatmeal, quinoua, nuts/seeds, craisins, whatever you want to spice it up. so you have a very cheap food that will fill you up well and nourish you. only buy produce if its a dollar a pound or less, and buy foods that will provide you with the protein and nourishments you need. so you wont be malnurished. and as far as work, you should really do waitressing, if your already not doing that. you could make so much off tips alone, most the time, more than your hourly pay. push for a waitressing job at a high end "richy rich" resturant, so you'll be making a lot. and if you're good looking, theres a bonus. also, if you have extra things laying around that you dont use on at least a weekly basis, sell it on craigslist!! make a little extra cash from that. i just sold my bed for 500 dollars and got a really nice 20 dollar air matress. i got a cute head board for 15 bucks off craigslist, and a foam cushion at walmart, and wa-la! its adorable, my friends and i love it, its comfy, its portable, and i just made like 450 dollars just like THAT! i also sold my 62" pioneer plasma for 900 on craigslist and wa-la again!! lol bought a new guitar, and my time is going towards something better than wathing youtube videos on my giant computer screen, and i made 900 dollars! try things like this. sell old jewlery. as far as your boyfriend, im sorry about the sticky situation.. but try to stick it through for a little longer so you dont have to rely on him, and when your stable enough financially, you should probably move out and move in with a friend. it could either save the relationship or end it. but either way, its for the best.
and with all the stress, im sure its making things 10 times worse. you should order some l-theanine. lol its what makes you relax in green tea. if you havnt noticed, a lot of authentic asians are super calm and relaxed. (and they drink a lot of green tea... pttsss.. its all that l-theanine.) seriously, its completely natural, and acturally works!! there were studies in russia where doctors switched patients on xanex to this stuff and it worked better for them. thats why my doctor sugested it to me. im a super stressed out person, and i used to be on xanex. i had bad side effects and come downs, and my doc put me on l-theanine, which was way cheaper, and im super relaxed, calm, and focused now! and the cool things is, its not even perscription. you can buy it online. my dad does now. lol so you should really look into that too.

Marvin Said:

I need some real answers about this?

We Answered:

There are countless ways you can make money on the Web...whether your fifteen or fifty. I'd recommend researching "affiliate marketing", "infoproduct marketing", and Google Adsense. These are all perfect avenues for someone with limited time. I've shown countless friends how to make a few extra hundred dollars monthly.

As a student, you're probably tech-savvy enough to build a basic website, maintain Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube profiles. A successful web business is about connecting with your audience, and these connections lead to revenue.

Gregory Said:

What is a good site for college students to get free samples?

We Answered:

If you like free samples of you should check out

It provides a sample a day from companies and doesn't make you get fill out a bunch of surveys. Just click the link to get redirected to the company that has the free samples. You can sign up to get the sample of the day delivered to your e-mail too (which is pretty nice), but it is not required.

The descriptions are pretty funny to read too

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