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Free Software For College Students

Carlos Said:

i want to make a nice cover page for my college assignment... any free software or program that i can download

We Answered:

You don't need to download any software, go on the net find pictures you like and then edit it with MS Paint (or Paintshop Pro if you have it). Then you can put the picture directly into you document (I am assuming you are using Word).

If you need something unique done let me know and I don't mind having a look for you. Since the subject is based around communication and introduction to meeting I think a group of people around a table sending smoke signals might be a nice one to have.

Good luck and I hope this has helped a little.

Josephine Said:

Free software for collage students?

We Answered:

You're probably thinking of MSDN (Microsoft Software Developer's Network, I think). You school has to sign up to make students eligible. Try using the link below to see if your school's participating in the program. If it is, you'll need to register, but you'll have access to some pretty nice software.

Duane Said:

What's the easiest and most flexible web authoring tool for college students to use?

We Answered:

Dreamweaver, if you download it through BitTorrent :)

Otherwise, I'd advise to learn HTML. It's a very simple language and gives you a total control over the looks of the web page.

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