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Free Student Grants For College

Dana Said:

Are there any grants/programs/ways to get free money form the government?

We Answered:

There are no government grants for personal use.

Rafael Said:

What do you think broke Calif to give illegals free college education Bill would let illegal immigrant student?

We Answered:

I think that if the pro-illegals cry that the immigration laws are only for the federal government to deal with, then California can not legally have a bill of their own to supersede a law that is not in existence with federal laws already on the books. But then California lawmakers have been stupid for years. People of California can thank their lawmakers for dumbing down their children's education.

To add, a state can't keep giving breaks to illegal alien students without upsetting those foreign students who have had to pay for out of state/country tuition's. In fact continuing to give those breaks to any foreign student or illegal alien is why teachers are being cut from their jobs!

Sandra Said:

is there a way for my parents to go to a community college for free?

We Answered:

They can go to the financial aid office at a community college and since they are both unemployed they would probably receive financial aid. Financial aid could probably pay for almost all of their tuition being a community college is really cheap compared to a 4-year college. Then they could use student loans to pay for the rest as well as their home expenses.

A better option would probably be for one of them to go to a vocational school and get trained in something like Fire service or criminal justice to get a pretty good paying job within 6 months or less. Someone starting out at a low paying state for police would be about $35k and high paying states $58 to 83k. Firefighters in most big cities start around $45k. If they have a good background they can go through the state police paid training.

Another option is for one of them to get sponsored by a hosiptal and have them pay for a nursing program. Nurses come out usually making around $40-50k.

Henry Said:

What is the best place to get student loans and what grants am I eligible for?

We Answered:

try citibank... almost all of my friends loans approved though i never tried for one...

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