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Free Stuff College Students

Marc Said:

how do college students act pertaining to maturity wise, vocabulary usage, fashion, hanging out, and timing?

We Answered:

Well, most college students tend to be focused on drinking beer, being obnoxious, and banging chicks. They also like to listen to whatever music is ultra cool at the time but only if it is has a slightly underground edge but not underground enough that people haven't heard of it.. If you want to act mature do want you like. Do what interests you. Hang out where you enjoy hanging out. Meet new people and don' be afraid to be yourself. Let your interests show in your personality and don't care about acting a certain way. That's maturity. There is no way to act like a "college student". Everyone is so damn lost at that age cause they are all trying to live the "college life". It's a time for figuring yourself out. So do that.

Lloyd Said:

Broke college students needs help with dental and medical stuff!!!!!!!!please help!!!!!?

We Answered:

Look into a low income or free dental clinic. Or even a dental school. They offer services super cheap or free. You could also try applying for a CareCredit card. Most dentists and hospitals take it. It's a credit card used only for dental and medical purposes. Just go to their website and apply. Then make payments to pay it off.

Rachel Said:

free samples?

We Answered: usually has free samples, and I do and there's a forum on called "Stuff I Found" that lists a ton of things you can get

Eduardo Said:

any ideas for a bank for college students?

We Answered:

First thing i'd do is get a high interest rate, automatically deposit each month a few dollars. You gotta build for the future now, even if it's pennies and dimes...

I would avoid a credit card at all costs, just get a visa debit card...

Credit Cards can destroy you financially, which is why so many millions of people are in huge financial problems...

Don't put yourself in a situation where your impulses can destroy or hurt you...

Mitchell Said:

Arnie is going to eliminate welfare for families, should he also eliminate all the free stuff for illegals too?

We Answered:

The entire nation needs to take these measures. It's inevitable. We can no longer be the United States of Entitlement.

Rick Said:

student discounts and free stuff in chicago?

We Answered:

i know ur skeptical but try it first

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