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Free Textbooks For College Students

Patrick Said:

I am a college student with limited funds. What website can I go to for free copies of textbooks?

We Answered:

Never heard of "free" ones being given out..."used" can be bought

here's one to start"

here's a search:…

Derek Said:

Why are textbooks for college always so ridiculously expensive?

We Answered:…

it's long but interesting...

Lee Said:

Need to buy or sell textbooks, college book, or any books?

We Answered:

you should check out , they buy books direct and pay CASH.... NO WAITING!!! Its also the best place to Buy books, their price comparison search makes sure that you get the BEST DEAL EVERY TIME!!!! Its the best Textbook site on the web!!!

Phyllis Said:

Issues with distributing outlines of textbooks (for free)?

We Answered:

What I would do is prepare the outlines for the subject matter and not reference the particular book outlined. The outline is your own creative work (afterall, not everybody thinks that exactly the same information is important or that it should be presented in the same order). If you do not reference a particular work in the outline, then there is no problem at all. Its just your outline on a particular subject.

In law school people buy commercially prepared outlines for various subjects, they are written to go along with the currently used books and follow a similar order to them, but never reference the actual texts. Look at Emmanuel's outlines for an example.

These companies do not have to protect themselves against the publishers because they are not outlining any particular work, but outlining the subjects.

Other companies that produce outlines on copyrighted works, are not reproducing the actual work in full text, they are only making use of the "fair use" exception to copyright can reproduce a few lines here and there and then comment on them and be within fair use.

So you can outline a storyline, use some important quotes from it, expostulate on the ideas, analyze the style of writing and word choice and be completely in bounds...this is how a movie critic can write a review--he tells the outlines of the plot, talks about the actors' characters and portrayals and so forth, but never crossing the line or reproducing the whole work or very substantial parts of it and always making sure that the majority of the content is his own work.

But this presents a problem for the student, because the work is not reproduced in toto, many details, subplots and themes are not included in something like Sparknotes or CliffNotes, it is why these are not substitutes for actually reading the book.
They cannot reproduce so much of the book that it is actually a reprint, that crosses the line.

Edna Said:

What is the best website to view full textbooks online for free?

We Answered:

Textbook prices are indeed ludicrous. According to a 2005 report by the Government Accountability Office, textbook prices have outpaced inflation 2-to-1 in the past two decades. And textbook expenses account for 26% of tuition and fees at four-year public universities and nearly three-quarters of costs at community colleges.

What you can do is search for free, open source textbook sites like Flat World Knowledge. Here's their website:…

And here's some info about online textbooks that might help you out:………

Good luck!

Bob Said:

who is willing to give up textbooks for free to keep or charge a student less for the textbooks?

We Answered:

College textbooks can cost a fortune, I know! This is a great article that lays out options for how to access books for free and also how to get the best deals on textbooks:…

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