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Gas Cards For College Students

Stephen Said:

which credit card is good for college students?

We Answered:…

Glenda Said:

Credit Card help for a college student?

We Answered:

Keep trying to establish credit.
Try kohls, jcpenny, target, sears, any gas station.

I developed 800+ ratings at your age just by using credit cards wisely.
Pay in full each month.
It is 100% myth that carrying balances increases credit.
The opposite is true.

Let the apr be 90%, paying interest will destroy your credit and possibly your employment future.
Pay in full and never pay apr....

Stacey Said:

High limit credit card for college student?

We Answered:

There are some no limit cards.
Ask here if you want one of those.
You will need higher credit score - I suggest you start using your card more wisely.
Pay in full each month to bring your score up.

Closing a credit card will only hurt your score in at least 2 ways.
1. You could be deleting your oldest credit card.
Length of credit history is 15% of your fico.

2. You will be reducing the overall unused available limits on all your cards combined - a number creditors like to see- a lot of unused cash.

Keep the card open - pay it in full and stop using it.
Or use it for something you need like food or gas and pay in full.

Joanne Said:

Are there ANY Student/Store/Gas Credit Cards that will approve you with NO credit?

We Answered:

To build a credit score, look into a secured credit card. A secured card means you put the money down up front. The credit limit will be equal to the amount you put down. Creditors do this to ensure they can take the money if you miss payments. Shop around before applying to a secured credit card. Some of them charge outrageous fees and interest. Also make sure the card reports to the credit agencies, otherwise it's not building your credit score.

Jane Said:

I'm a student at college and need a credit card for gas and food. What one should I get?

We Answered:

Due to new credit card legislation, you cannot get a credit card if you are under 21 unless an immediate relative co-signs or you have proof of income sufficient to pay your obligations.

If you are eligible to get a card, see if your college has a credit union or if there is one in your town. Credit union credit cards have no annual fees and the interest rates are lower than those offered by banks (in fact, federal law caps the amount of interest rate a credit card issued by a credit union can reach, unlike cards from banks).

In the future, if you remain in good standing, you will be able to get auto and home loans from your credit union easier than you can from a bank.

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