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Gift Ideas For College Students

Sara Said:

Gift ideas for a struggling college student?

We Answered:

Food or a gift card to a local store

Steve Said:

What are some great Mother's Day gift ideas on a college student's budget?

We Answered:

I agree with the answer above. A new picture of you, in a nice, tasteful frame, maybe with a hand written dedication.

Tina Said:

Hey college students:need help with gift idea for nephew who will attend college next year?

We Answered:

My daughter is in college and she has her car and always needs gas money and groceries. We give her gift cards to stores in the areas, as well as movie tickets.

Henry Said:

christmas gift ideas for college student.. something she can use at school?!?

We Answered:

There are a lot of different things that a mature college student could use! Does your sister need a new backpack or briefcase to transport books and notes in? Maybe a wireless mouse for her computer would be a nice gift. A box of student supplies like paper, pens, a couple of binders, some report covers, highlighters and so on might come in handy. Does she live in residence or in an apartment? Maybe some new sheets for her bed would be a nice way to start off the new year. Are there any kitchen supplies that she might need? A slow cooker, coffee maker, kettle, roasting pan or cookie sheet might be something she could use. An afghan or throw to pull around her when she's up late studying and feeling chilly would be welcome. Add to that a container of instant hot chocolate and you've got a perfect gift. A travel mug for her coffee will come in handy as well as be good for the environment. Does she like a certain type of tea or coffee? Maybe do up a little gift basket of these items along with some honey for her tea, chocolate covered spoons to stir her coffee with and a nice coffee mug would be fun and the basket could be used later to hold her pens and highlighters. Be imaginative and you'll come up with the perfect gift. But, best of all, anything you put together for her will be special because she will know that you put a lot of thought into it. Happy Holidays!

Albert Said:

What kind of gift ideas would you recommend for an aspiring art college student?

We Answered:

It just depends how much you want to spend. Try looking at gift ideas on this site

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