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Gifts For College Students

Bertha Said:

what are the best holiday gift baskets for college students?

We Answered:

There are those adorable mini pumpkins (you can even send you some paint and brushes to paint faces on them), packets of candy corn, black and orange balloons, corn husks for the autumn theme, fake spider-webbing packs, a spooky sounds mixed CD....

Good luck!

Gerald Said:

Advice for witnessing to fellow college students about the gift of a relationship with Christ?

We Answered:

They have Campus Ministry that you should contact, they have helped lead many to Christ and I am a strong supporter of their efforts. Check with your church and see who you need to speak to about it. Keep the faith.

Ryan Said:

What do college students like as Christmas gifts?

We Answered:

school supplies (paper/pencils/pens/highlighters etc.)
gift cards (but be careful, some stores might go broke and the cards will be worthless)-- the gift cards issued by Visa or American Express are accepted just like credit cards so you won't have to worry if there is a particular chain store in your cousin's college town.
Money is really appreciated, but giving a Visa or AMEX gift card looks more like a gift than just cash

Mae Said:

What are some good Christmas gifts for a college student to give to his family?

We Answered:

Mom....perfume, candy, plant,sports memorabilia
sis....Cd's or itunes card
Aunt .....Book or Music
Cousin....Gift card, money
Grandma.....Magazine subscription, candy, plant

Alicia Said:

What are good gifts for college students?

We Answered:

gift certificate for music downloads, netflix membership, rolls of quarters for laundry facilities, gift certificate to bookstore, digital camera.

Elmer Said:

house warming gifts for college students?

We Answered:

gift certificates to places like bed bath and beyond, target, or walmart, also they can never have 2 many sets of bed sheets or wash colths and towels

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