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Good Computers For College Students

Andrea Said:

What's a good computer for a college student on a budget?

We Answered:

alright go to new egg and look for stuff with these specs:

CPU/Processor - intel e8400 wolfdale (3.0 GHz)

MB - just an intel 775 socket with 1-2 PCI express 2.0 x16 slots, and memory/RAM standards of 800 or better and 8 gb or better capacity

Graphics Card - get like a PNY 512 mb 8800 GT

Memory/RAM - get about 2 gbs of ddr2 sdram 800

hard drive - western digital 7200 RPM, 16 mb cache, 250 gb SATA 2.0 gb/s

power supply - get about 550-600w of maybe a Rosewill if you can make sure it has SLI support, and is like 12VX or something like that

case/dvd burner - get what ever u like won't really matter, just be sure ur dvd burner is SATA not IDE or w.e else, make your tower a mid atx tower

well good luck. don't get your mind set on anything always keep looking and be sure to check the combo deals at the bottom of a computer parts page on newegg

- will push budget and it doesnt have an OS, mouse, keyboard, monitor and what not but if you have some of those go for it, will last u and perform gaming very well if you get into it

Good Luck

Daryl Said:

Which laptop is good for college students?

We Answered:

According to your own needs to choose and which is your the most application

Maxine Said:

Would the Gateway Microsoft Tablet PC be a good computer for a college student?

We Answered:

Hi, I am in college and have considered bying a tablet pc for taking notes and such (it sounds good doesn't it?) I thought so. But I ended up buying a normal laptop. Some people call it a life saver but personally, I don't think it would make any difference but rather just clutter up my already small desk. I am majoring in ME and take classes in mostly mathematics and science. I do depend on my laptop (i use online books) but i take mostly all my notes on paper. I do not think tablet pc's are as flexible as many people think they are. There are many people using tablet pc's in my class but none of them ever flip them to convert to tablet to take notes. If you're not already in college, i can tell you that classes generally work the same way as it does in high school. If you are already in college then i guess you would know what you need. personally i think that using a tablet is kinda obnoxious. I live in the silicon valley and this is where all computers are made and designed yet no one really uses one as it is kinda unpractical, not to mention more expensive than conventional laptops.


eh, i don't agree with the person above me. i generally use computers for about 4 or more years before finding myself at a NEED to upgrade. but in all seriousness, many computers nowadays is all you will need for the rest of your life. I do CNC (computer numeric control) Product Design and also do music composition and production for my own fun and Core2Duo at 2.26 with enough ram is good enough for me. I would highly suggest you buy a solid laptop that will last you.

My Lenovo Thinkpad T400 has a spillproof keyboard and if someone did spill a drink on it, it would drain out the bottom, had anyone mistakenly thrown it on the floor It would have its magnesium alloy skeleton to protect it. it has solid aluminum hinges and reinforced plastic. I got it for 750$ at the lenovo site.

Here you are. Have fun in college.…

David Said:

Are compaq computers good for a college student?

We Answered:

Compaq's in general are relatively good computer's especially for a student who is on a budget. Its also nice that they are now backed by HP so repairs or service is easy if you need it.

Without knowing exactly which computer or what you are using it for the answer is yes.

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