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Google Internships For College Students

Sidney Said:

Confused on what to do? College students help me out please?

We Answered:

Just a bit of advice here too. Those George Foreman grills are MESSY. Be sure to get yourself some sort of large metal tray to put under the thing, as they tend to leak grease when you are cooking.

As for your roommate using your appliances and utensils to cook with. Why? Just explain that it is part of your religious culture that certain foods may not be cooked on your cooking appliances and that she will need to get her own.

Kent Said:

Why am I not getting interviews?

We Answered:

I am almost in the same boat dude I am one year away from getting my B.A in History and I still can't find a part time job in southern california

Amy Said:

Can a person be president / managing partner of multiple companies?

We Answered:

yep some people work on Boards and can be executives of two companies such as Google and Apple, as long as the companies dont compete too much say Wall Mart and Toyota that could work

but being on the Board of Toyata and Suzuki that would not

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