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Government Grants For College Students

Bertha Said:

Does anyone know where to look for college grants?

We Answered:

Check out Federal Student Aid Web Site or FAFSA

I suggest you explore all federal funding and grant options at the Federal Student Aid website

You may also want to read the Handbook of the Pell Grant -- this is an 86 page document that contains everything about the grant…

Or you can call the Federal Student Aid Information Center… at 1-800-433-3243 and ask them if there are any programs for women of your age

Aside from FAFSA and Pell Grant… , you may want to explore private foundation grants

Also check out Fastweb

For private grants, you may want to check the Foundation Center's Foundation Grants for Individuals Online . It's a subscription based website ($9.95 per month) and their opening blurb says that the database is ideal for "students, artists, academic researchers, libraries and financial aid offices." You may be able to find grants from private foundations.

Perry Said:

What grants for college are available to a person with a low income other than the government pell grants?

We Answered:

It is true it is based on your state because some states offer grants and others don't and have their own stipulations. Grants are similar to scholarships in that they are free financial aid that you are not required to repay. But that’s where the similarities end. Federal and state governments commonly fund student grants, which are typically based on a variety of metrics, including economic need, ability to pay, student status and academic requirements. Grants are often not exclusively based on your family’s income.

Merit-based grants provide free college funds to students based on academic performance and, sometimes in combination with financial need. The most common types of merit-based grants are state-based grants, which award students with certain GPAs and income levels money for their college education. State grants usually require a separate application form, but may also require you have completed and filed the FAFSA. Most state-based grants may be found directly on your home state’s government or higher education website.

Most types of grant programs also require you to file a FAFSA, so make this the first application you fill out. By filing the FAFSA you already are considered for any federal grants. Remember to submit by the federal and state FAFSA deadlines.

Applications for state grants are different from and in addition to the FAFSA. Your state government provides applications for specific grants. Also be aware that some programs will also require extra forms of documentation, such as academic transcripts, in order to qualify.
Make sure you are considered for grant money: complete the FAFSA as well as explore your options for state-based aid. Also, check with your college or university for any grant programs they may offer.

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Tonya Said:

Should the government give grants to pay for college?

We Answered:

You are right College is a Privilege not a right. Below College levels, like HS and Elementary, kids have to go to school, to gain at least those 13-14 years of schooling. K-12-13. It should be up to the High school graduate to pursue further education to get a career, get a job, gain more skills academically. Nothing wrong with you paying cash, taking out loans to pay for school. College/University/Trades school is expensive. Not everyone can afford to go, that would love to go, without taking out student loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships.

You need the drive, to excel to your best of ability. Be passionate about what you believe in or what you'd like to do, or else it will be a waste. I have a friend that took a course in Child Care, and she ONLY took it because her SISTER took it. Not because she wanted to. I have a feeling it would be a waste, she isn't doing to well in her studies anyways. She got a student cover all the costs...

Jenny Said:

Please help; this is very important to me? Question about enrollment and government grants?

We Answered:

You WILL NOT have to pay any money back. I was in the same situation once. Even though it'll drop you below the required full-time status hours, you'll still be considered a full-time student. I have dropped classes two semesters in a row right near the last day to drop classes. The first time I dropped down to 10 hours. The second time, it dropped me down to 9 hrs. I have never had to pay any money back. I checked my enrollment verification recently, and it has listed beside each semester that I was a FULL-TIME student, so NO, NOTHING WILL CHANGE at all. That's if you do as you're planning to do and wait until there's only about 2 months left. If you dropped a course near the beginning, I'm sure it would be a different situation though. But don't worry!!

Dave Said:

Government grants for student these exist?

We Answered:

Um, no. Most colleges/universities offer desktop computers for their students to use 24 hours a day. You can walk into the school's library and computer rooms and find one to use. You can even rent a laptop for a day or for a week at some.

George Said:

Have the availibilty of Student Loans and Government Grants the Cause of Inflation of College?

We Answered:

Those are some good points you made. I think some people should actually analyze the opportunity cost of actually going to college. By the time you are getting out of college, plus the four-five years you spent in college, the opportunity cost is close to $160,000 or more. We should start developing teenagers other ways to make money rather than college. All college is, is a piece of paper that says that you have the ability to learn. It does not guarantee you any special privileges or guarantee that you will be successful. It's all a big myth that going to college is the solution to everyone's problems. We are basically teaching people that if they do not have the money to afford college, we will give you a massive loan and then they will still be paying on them into their 40's. I worked summer's for my dad's construction business for no pay, to help put myself through college, and I actually learned more from growing up in a business environment than I would have ever learned reading books in college.

The costs are inflating so much because of the high demands for colleges and the massive expansion that is needed for expansion. Also the energy prices have added extra costs to these universities.

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