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Government Internships College Students

Dean Said:

What do you think of a GOD centered College?-Introducing God's new Harvard?

We Answered:

I think it's great and hope they continue to grow. It can be very difficult at the University level to remember that while Christians live in this world, their home is not the world. I imagine it would also be easier to stay focused on academics with fewer secular distractions available every time you turn the corner. Kudos to Matthew du Mee!!!

Marian Said:

Do I have a shot at transfering into either Brown University or Georgetown?

We Answered:

I would say that to get into any IVY school, you would need to have a minimum of 2000+ on SAT and 4+ on gpa. But your scores might get you into Georgetown.It is good to see that you are involved in extra curricular activities and you as a multi-dimensional student might appeal them. To find out if any at Brown or at George town was in a similar predicament before, I suggest that you log on to the links below.…

Violet Said:

What can I do about my medical bills as a college student?

We Answered:

sure, Bankrutpty, OR cal the hospital, tell them THEY HAVE TO MAKE you a deal, like payment arrangements and cut the bill down by 50% or you will declare bankruptcy!! just watch how fast they will be wnating to negotiate with you.

I have heard if people getting a 75% discount by doing just that.

EDIT- OMG DO NOT DO WHAT THE PERSON ABOVE SAYS!! do not give them your bank account number no no no!! don't tell them about your credit at all, tell them if anyhting you don't give a **** about your credit,

the person above is a BAD answer!!!

edit- let me steer you- the gov, of where i live in oregon jsut signed a bill banning the use of credit info for hiring, unless you work WITH cacsh.

and bad credit will not matter once the Obama depression is over! that won't be till after republicans take back the house in november,.

Kay Said:

Is it hard to get an accounting job for the government?

We Answered:

Yes I work for the government as an accountant. Agencies offer paid internships. Depending on where you live the starting salary will be begin mid thirty thousand. NAVFAC, Department of Navy, Army Corps of Engineers and DFAS are several that I know for sure offer paid internships in finance/accounting. Many of these assignments begin at the GS-7 level and promote non competitively up to GS-11.

Julia Said:

How much of a chance do i have of getting into UPenn College of Arts and Sciences Early Decision?

We Answered:

Freshmen Academic Profile
SAT - Crtiical Reading Middle 50%: 650-750
SAT - Math Middle 50%: 680-780
TPR Projected Range SAT Writing: 690-750
ACT Composite Midldle 50%: 31-34
Average High School GPA: 3.83
Students in top 10% of HS class: 94%
Students in top 50% of HS class: 100%
Students from Public School: 52%

Basis for candidate selection
Very Important Factors:
Secondary school record
Character/personal qualities
Important Factors:
Standardized test scores
Extracurricular activities

Freshman Admission Statistics
Total applicants who are accepted: 18%
Total of accepted students who enroll: 66%

Student Body
Enrollment: 9,730
Female: 50%
Out of State: 80%
International: 9%
African American: 7%
Asian: 18%
Caucasian: 47%
Hispanic: 6%
Native American: 0%

Admission Stats
Freshmen Returning for Sophomore Year: 98%
Freshmen Graduating in 4 years: 87%
Freshmen Graduating in 6 years: 94%
Students Going to Law School Upon Graduation: 7%
Students Going to Medical School Upon Graduation: 5%
Students Going to Business School Upon Graduation: 1%
Students Going to Graduate School Upon Graduation: 20%

Melvin Said:

What type of Government activities are there for college students?

We Answered:

All kinds on Craigslist, if you are a democrat.

Start out with a paid protester position, like Cindy Sheehan, ACORN or Public Employee Labor Unions.

Gordon Said:

Good senior year schedule for a college bound high school student?

We Answered:

That is a great schedule considering where you are. Any respectable college will realize you can't take AP's if they're not offered extensively.

The only thing you have to make sure is that you get A's maybe high/mid B's so they know you are taking it seriously when you send them your transcript.
I don't know how extra curriculars work over there but they are good to have and have them documented properly.

Look up what application your college accepts. If they accept the Common App (… then get started on your personal essay!
A very important part of your application.

Start now when you have free time and you won't stress come deadline time.

Good Luck!

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