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Government Jobs For College Students

Mark Said:

A group of college students were talking about the election as they hung their Obama posters.?

We Answered:

It is no joke.
I contracted in IT to several US agencies - Social Security, Customs, IRS. They hired contractors to do the work, the civil servants, the majority, were useless. They couldn't be fired. I had CS's tell me to my face they wouldnt do an assignment -"I cant get fired. Ill still get my raise. I'm not doing it". Great work ethic.
And many of my contracting associates fought hard to get Fed assignments, to jump over to being a GS. In 5 years, health benefits are for LIFE.

You want to improve gov't - can the benes the civil servants get. They're the only real welfare recipients in the US.

Penny Said:

What kinda of financial help is there for a single mother with a part time job attending college?

We Answered:

Online colleges are expensive. Try looking into a brick and mortar school. Many offer child care and almost all will be lots cheaper.

Marjorie Said:

Any college graduates having trouble finding work?

We Answered:

don't graduate until you are sure you will have job. if you still want to graduate, then apply for graduate school just in case you can't get a job. best thing to do during a recession is to ride it out in school.

i have a couple friends who are unemployed/busting tables with a college degree. not good.

Doris Said:

can an hard of hearing college student get a government related job?

We Answered:

Yes, in fact the disablitity will help you get one. God Bless and good luck

Merry Christmas

Maxine Said:

i want to come usa anyhow to do job . i am a student in government college in ludhiana(punjab)?

We Answered:

For work, you need to have a work visa which means that an employer has sponsored you to come and work in the USA. Without a work visa, you cannot legally work in the US.

Check in your area if there are any recruiters. I know of many Indian computer programmers who sought the help of recruiters who found US employers for them, which then issued them H1B visas.

One other route is to study in the US, and hopefully find an employer who can sponsor you. But that means lots of expenses as it will be hard to get any scholarship particularly your first semester.

And another route is to come to the US as a tourist with a B1 or B2 visa. Once in the US, you can try to network and find contacts who can help you find a job. It is easier to get interviewed because the company need not think of paying for your travel from India as you are already in the US.

But without any work visa, you cannot legally work. So try to find that employer first

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