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Grant Money College Students

Louis Said:

If college received a large grant, how should the money be used to improue students service?

We Answered:

Better environment for the students, examples are better desks, chairs, lockers, floors, ceiling fans if it's hot, heating if it's cold, etc. etc. If not the environment then the actual curriculum- better books, notes, resources, internet, maybe more computars in the school, etc. etc.

Ted Said:

Extra college grant money?

We Answered:


Your financial aid eligibility is based on your school's assessment of your unmet need. Once you have been credited with sufficient funds to cover your entire "Cost of Attendance", your school can not apply any more financial aid to your account.

There is one caveat - and that is that grants and scholarships are the last to go. If your school determines that you have completely covered your financial need, they would begin by reducing the amount of any loans that were part of your aid package.

For example, if a student with a Cost of Attendance of $10,000 was offered an aid package that looked like this:

Stafford Loan: 5000
Pell Grant : 1000

and then they received an additional $5000 scholarship - in that case, the school would not cancel the Pell Grant - they would chop $1000 from the loan, and qualify you for a $4000 loan, the $1000 Pell and the $5000 scholarship.

What I'm saying is that your school may have cut your aid because you have already covered the entire Cost of Attendance - making you ineligible for the last $500 of the aid you had originally been offered. Ask financial aid if it would not have been more correct for them to have cut $500 from your loan eligibility, rather than cutting $500 from your grant award.

Good luck - I hope that helped.

Louis Said:

grant money?

We Answered:

It may be hard to get scholarships if you haven't been in school for a little while but you should definately try FASFA-federal aid. These are grants, not scholarships. Go to your schools financial aid office or registrars office and see if you meet the standards. Because you are still 21 you will not be considered dependent (unless you are married or have children) and will be a dependent of your parents or guardians. Once you reach 24 you will be self dependent and it is much easier to get aid. My parents died when I was in high school so I have always recieved a little aid, it's usually just enough to pay for classes and I come up with my book money ($500 a semester). I have searched the web for scholarships for myself but after several years I still haven't found an appropriate website, only sites that want to sell scholarship books. Don't get suckered...just see your financial aid or registrar administrator.

Veronica Said:

obama's giving money for college students. who's all happy about that.?

We Answered:

I am thrilled!!!

I think college costs are somewhat ridiculous and there should be enough aid to really make it affordable for more people. I'm also really glad I live in a place with a local community college, YAY!

Sylvia Said:

"If college received a large grant, how should the money be used to improue students service?"?

We Answered:

I would suggest just writing out a list of the things you would like to see better provided for.

Good Luck!!!

Bob Said:

does anyone know when pell grant money is distributed to students from new york city college of technology?

We Answered:

The financial aid office at your school will be able to clear it up for you. Each school has their own disbursement dates, so we can't tell you for sure when you'll get your money.

Generally, whenever you receive your award letter, allow 2-3 weeks. But again, check with your financial aid office.

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