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Grants Available For College Students

Donald Said:

besides the pell grant what other grants are available for college students to pay for personal things .?

We Answered:

There are thousands of different grants (including state ones). Your best bet is to register with a national database to find ones that match your qualifications.

Gerald Said:

Are there any financial aids or grants available for non traditional college students such as senior citizens?

We Answered:

Yes a step further and as a mature CAN often qualify for an entire 4 years tuition , books etc..even money to live on..i have been offered this twice. Ask for a SCHOLARSHIP(S) as well as getting in touch, NOT just with the financial aid department at your chosen place of academai, but find a student who is a GRANT will find that for your age, and living sircumstances yu will qualify for one or more of myriad Scholarships and grants that you do NOT have to pay back. This make sthe school look good..the money IS there..and let no one tell you differently. I fyuo have any more quesions please feel free to write me through email herein the YA format.

Thanks and Best to You and Yours!!!


Alex Said:

Grants available to NY college students!? Help?

We Answered:

There are many grants available to college students but it depends on a lot of things that I cannot help you with unless I knew more details about you, your age, your parents' financial status, your race (there are grants for American Indians, African-Americans...), etc. (…

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Good luck.

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