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Grants For College Students Becoming Teachers

Eduardo Said:

What do you think about Gov. Schwarzenegger's plan to eliminate programs that help families & students?

We Answered:

less people will go to school if they get rid of Cal Grants, the economy will be worse, because it means less tax revenue. Same goes for getting rid of insurance, people get sick can't work spread the infection and weaken the economy. Its simple economics, which the government doesn't seem to understand

Pamela Said:

Please review my statements for my college application?

We Answered:

Okay, In my opinion I think they could be edited a little. The first one comes across kind of cocky, almost like your bragging to the college. Although it is good to be confident, you don't want to be off-putting. For example:
" I enrolled when I was only 13, skipping eighth grade to instead begin my ninth grade year there. My maturity level was forced to grow faster than others at my age, and through this experience I developed many skills that I had lacked in before. I became a more outgoing and confident person, and developed strong leadership skills."

It makes it sound like you are better then other students here, which isn't the idea you should convey. Maybe try: I enrolled at age 13, deciding to bypass my 8th gr. year and begin the 9th grade. The transition gave me the opportunity to mature, developing many skills I lacked before....

Again: "Throughout high school I’ve participated in several community service projects, even before I knew that it was a requirement to apply for college". ..I would remove the sentence about before knowing it was a requirement for college.

The 2nd statement is a little tricky. I think it is well written, but you may want to do some research into the college your applying for. At first read it sounds like your making too many excuses, but if your ACT scores/Grades are too far off from the college standards, then I think it is necessary to explain. Remove the sentence about teachers being stricter, and switch it to something about the different teaching styles--college profs are going to be strict as well. And edit the last sentence that says ..undecided not beacuse I am lazy,unmotivated... Many students enter as undecided so you want to avoid the generalization all students who are undecided are lazy. Maybe say something like I want to keep my options open and explore some the many reputable programs your school has to offer before finalizing my decesion.

Kind of long but hope helps. I just finished applying for graduate school, and have done many of these. They are tricky to sound confident but not cocky. You have really good writing mechanics though, just need to watch out your writing style.

Herbert Said:

I need help applying for Scholarships and/or Grants for college, but I'm not sure where to start?

We Answered:

The website is
You will need your 2008 income tax returns to fill it out. You won't qualify for grants unfortunately (your income is too high), but you will qualify for low interest federal student loans that require no cosigner and no credit check. The fafsa is based off the previous years income tax return so you quitting your job and having the lower income will not take effect until you do your second fafsa with your 2009 income tax return.

It is great you have a boyfriend who is willing to help, maybe he can help pay your tuition too if you are unwilling to take out student loans and have no money saved up.

Derek Said:

Could i get a state grant for college?

We Answered:

Maybe, but I doubt it.
You mentioned nurses, doctors, and teaching. The "doctors" they are referring to does not include veterinarians. Some states (and there is even a national program now) do have loan forgiveness programs for veterinarians. This means that if you work in an underserved area then X amount of your debt will be forgiven. You will still come out of school owing something and you will still have to take out loans in the first place. Understand though, that in the case of veterinarians we are talking about rural communities. You will mostly be working with cattle in these situations. So, if you're thinking about working on cats and dogs exclusively you won't qualify for one of these programs. They are also competitive kind of like a scholarship. They don't just let anyone sign up. You usually have to meet certain requirements and in the case of one state an interview and letters of recommendation were required to apply.
Another thing is that veterinary medicine is a post-graduate program. Meaning you must first earn a bachelor's degree before you ever apply. The programs listed above are only for vet school and do not cover any portion of your undergraduate tuition. To get assistance for undergrad, fill out the FAFSA to see if you qualify for a pell grant. If you're planning to go to college in the fall 2011 then you can begin filling it out Jan 1st 2011 otherwise you need to wait longer.
These debt forgiveness programs for vet med are in their infancy and will most likely be completely different by the time you get ready to apply for them. Your first concern should not be how you'll pay for vet school but whether or not you can get in. Pretty much all vet student fund their education almost entirely on student loans. I don't know a single person who is paying for vet school with cash.
Another option is the army health professions scholarship. It does require a commitment of 3 years active duty and 5 in the reserves after vet school. But, it's really the only way to finish completely debt free. But, that's also something you can't even begin to apply for until you are actually accepted into vet school

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why do you want to be a teacher said:

For college students grants, you may want to check the Foundation Center's Foundation Grants for Individuals Online.

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