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Grants For College Students In California

Nora Said:

Is there a difference in college credits from state to state?

We Answered:

Not so much. If a college course is worth 3 units and its accepted as transferrable, you would get credit for a 3 unit course that would be equivalent to one at the new college. If you needed, say a 6 unit bio course, but only had a 3 unit course, while you would get credit for the units, it would not replace the 6 unit course & you would have to take the 6 unit one. The college you transfer to will review your transcripts & make a final decision.

Jamie Said:

Mis-use of college grants?

We Answered:

I know that even millionaires are able to receive financial aid but it's not need-based, they have all different types of aid, need based is Subsidized and non-need based is Unsubsidized. However, I'm not sure that the child of a millionaire would qualify for Grants per say, I know they can get loans. I'd suggest posting this in Financial Aid in the Education board for some better, more educated answers.

Holly Said:

Where can i get money being a dual enrollment high school student in college just for books in S.California?

We Answered:

go to your student adviser and tell them that you are in "desprate" need of money for books and that you are really trying to succeed...That's what I did and they gave me $560 for books....hope this helps for you, but if not the school should have other scholarships....make sure you keep a close contact with your student advser!!!

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