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Grants For College Students In Florida

Betty Said:

Miami Dade College students-your experiences with a retarded financial aid department? Help!???

We Answered:

What you are talking about are institutional policies. For some reason the aid office feels that these policies are in the best interest of their students. I'd sit down with the aid director and talk about why they have these policies. Don't go in upset but be very calm about it....trying to throw your weight around usually doesn't get you anywhere. If you don't feel you are getting decent answers, go to the supervisor of the aid director. Or, ask the student ombudsman for assistance.

Edgar Said:

I'm transfering to a college in Florida from out-of-state. Does FL have grants for lower income students?

We Answered:

sure, every state does

I wanna move to Orlando, so take me with ya buddy ;)

Shelly Said:

I have a few questions regarding college financial aid...?

We Answered:

1. If the grants were offered to you and you accepted then yes, you will get the money.

2. Guess what? After your school fees have been paid, you get a check for the rest and you can spend it on whatever you wish!!

Have fun in school!

Joann Said:

Any Information on Grants for College?

We Answered:

Check out your colleges Financial Aid department. Usually there is a lot of scholarship information. You will have to apply directly to each one. You should meet with your financial aid advisor and speak to them about your financial situation. To see if you qualify under special circumstances. When I was in college, my folks could not afford to send me. So I had to search for scholarships and grants. Check out excellent resources for getting $$.. Good Luck!

Debra Said:

question about financial aid for college?

We Answered:

Not necessarily, it depends on what your income is. Plus, if she's under the age of 24, and isn't in the military or have children, she's a dependent student anyways; therefore, she would be using her parents' financial information. If you make a great deal of money, then she may not qualify. However, if you're not doing well financially than marriage isn't going to hurt her chances of aid.

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