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Grants For College Students In Georgia

Norma Said:

Why do illegal immigrants get to pay in-state tuition while US Citizens do not?

We Answered:

My wife's brother just completed his BS in nursing in California. He came here on a student visa and paid the full 'non-resident' rates. He is very bothered by the fact that he was punished with higher tuition fees because he obeyed the law.

Charlotte Said:

My question is Regarding my FAFSA for the upcoming semester (1009-1010).?

We Answered:

It is true that if you are under 24 and not married and don't have kids and a few other things you still have to report your parents info on the fafsa. It does not matter if your parents are willing to help you are not. And it doesn't matter how you file your taxes. You are not being singled out somehow. The rules for dependency status are true for all college students.... all over the country.

It is ALSO true that a student can not include a parent on their fafsa (because you -the student- are not responsible for putting your parent through college). Now, when your father does HIS fafsa, he can put down TWO in college... however it will not get him a Pell grant because he has a bachelor's degree already.... making him ineligible for the Pell.

I offer no suggestions for loopholes other than to tell you that ANYONE can get finaical aid in the form of low interest student loans regardless of parental income. The rules for dependency status have been around for a very long time. You and about a million other kids make this statement a million times a year... I agree... it's not fair, but think of all the millions of parents who would claim they won't or can't help their kids and then encourage them to file taxes independently.

"I truly need the money", doesn't everyone?

Deborah Said:

Is CAL grant only for California students?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Perry Said:

How do i pay for out of state tuition? Does anyone know anything about The Georgia college system?

We Answered:

It is important you make a well informed decision about where you go to college and how much you can afford. I can give you a pretty good guess about your aid package. It will be up to you do decide what you want to do...

Okay, Work Study..
it's given to low income students like yourself (you are likely to get it IF you complete your FAFSA early and turn in your award letter quickly to meet all the deadlines). Their website says (if you find a job) at this school you can earn up to $7.50 an hour for 15 hours a week.

You must understand that your Work Study money isn't given to you "up front" so it's not like you can use it to pay all or a part of your $26,500 bill at the school. Most schools want your tuition paid before the semester has started.

To answer your question about "do most students who need it get work study jobs?" the answer would depend. Not everyone qualifies for Work Study, and those that do must convince someone to hire them. I have known some schools who have a hard time filling their work study jobs (because students can make much MORE money off campus. This is in a metro area with lots of jobs. And I have also known schools where the chances of a freshman getting a work study job is about ZERO because all the upperclassmen who worked last year come back and get their old jobs back every semester... this is in a rural area with no jobs.

Trust Fund Tips:
It is important to plan when paying for your college education. Remember you are going to be in college FOUR years. So that 3,500 trust fund should be split in FOUR so you'll have enough to make it to your senior year. Don't blow it all on your freshman year or the likely hood of you not returning your second year is pretty good. So, you have 3500/4= $875 dollars for each of your years at college.

This is what your aid package MIGHT likely look like:

AWARD LETTER - (financial aid package)
4,800 Federal Pell Grant
5,500 Stafford Loan (this is the max you can borrow)
3,600 Work Study (not in total below because can't be paid up front)
$10,300 total

Your Resources
875 trust fund
4,000 parents cash
$ 8,475
$18,775 aid and cash
$26,500 total expected cost

The most reliable way to pay for an out-of-state school is to ask your parents to take out a parent PLUS loan. They would start making payments on it immediately and they would need to understand you would have to have them borrow for you all FOUR years because the school isn't going to get any cheaper and you'll never be considered an in-state student. By the time you are a senior, they would have four loans (just like you) and they would be making four separate payments. For 10 years... Your loan payments would start 6 months after you graduate or drop below half time (or drop out totally).

Also remember if you are offered any scholarships to attend here..... most scholarships are given to new freshman... so if you somehow manage to wrangle a 8,000 scholarship, ask if its auto renewed every year because chances of you getting it your sophomore or beyond year is pretty slim. Schools (private and out-of-state schools) offer scholarships to freshman to get them there, but don't give them any scholarship money when they are Jr's and Sr's (and it's too late for them to transfer).

The only time I ever saw the word "petition" on the schools website it was to file for graduation. Not sure how that would apply to you. Sorry.

Hope this answers most of your questions.

Danny Said:

"Geographical distribution" in college?

We Answered:

Your previous answer pretty much hits it on the head. Most west coast schools have all the students they could want/need every year just from their population base and she would be competing against a lot of others from the East Coast.

But, you mentioned softball. Was she good enough to go after a scholarship for that? Is there any extracurricular activity she did that she could target?

Kristin Said:

Why are illegals now demanding a free college education illegals demand immigration reform?

We Answered:

Did you know GA States tuition just went up 32%?
Don't worry though immigrants and their children go 100% FREE. Your child won't be able to afford (if you are a citizen) college so don't bother saving.
College is to be for only the rich and minorities......gee what a "coincidence".
Remind me what party do rich elitists, minorities and teacher's union members vote for 95% of the time?

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