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Grants For College Students In Michigan

Mildred Said:

Hoping to go to College in Texas, I'm from Michigan.?

We Answered:

Plan on paying out-of-state tuition for your entire 4 year duration. The school won't change your residency status after you've been there a year or more. I'm sure they'd LOVE to have you, paying 10 times more than everyone else attending.

Jerry Said:

Money for College?

We Answered:

i used it!! works great to get other scholarships and grants.

Maxine Said:

Non-traditional college bound students?

We Answered:

Yes. Non-traditional students need to fill out the FAFSA too, especially if you want federal grant or loan money. If you are still under 24 years old, then you might still need your parents info. If you are older than that or have a spouse, or children or military experience, then you will be able to complete it on your own.

The due date is often college specific and is normally no later than March 1st, but often times is beginning of february. Check your school's website.

That initial deadline is only the priority deadline though, and while you could receive more aid if you filled it out before then, most aid is still available if you do not meet that deadline.

Scholarships are hard to find for non-traditional students, many are geared toward high school seniors. But, the first place to try is your school. Colleges often have scholarships for specific demographics such as non-traditional students, or students with specific majors. Start there. You could also try, but again, many scholarships are geared toward high school students.

Roberta Said:

I am a college student in Michigan and I need $1,000 for tuition. Anyone know of any programs or grants?

We Answered: - try this site. It has info about different US scholarships for college students and their grades requirements.

Timothy Said:

I am searcching for additional financial aid for an online college degree any ideas for a 42 year old student?

We Answered:

Pell Grant is about the best you can do, I believe. I thought that a Pell was only good for the 1st two years. Looks as if you may have to apply for gov loans to finish. Above all make sure this college degree is from an accredited institution.

Armando Said:

International student! Can't afford US college... now what?

We Answered:

Loans? Financial aid?

You could also check out for scholarships but they are not going to be very substantial... just a couple of hundred or thousand bucks. Your international student status doesn't help either as quite a number of the scholarships are for Americans only.

If you're so smart, why don't you study in IIT in India? It's a pretty good university and it's world-recognised too.. and it's in India so you'd be able to afford it.

Michele Said:

financial help available for single moms in Michigan?

We Answered:

Grab a phone book or google these:
Salvation Army
United Way
Red Cross

All these are there to help. Salvation army will help the most.
This is the way to get shelter and some grants and food.

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