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Grants For College Students In Ohio

Bonnie Said:

Financial aid?

We Answered:

I'm sorry I don't understand what your question is.
Are you saying you have reached your limit for loans and want to apply for grants?
If you have maxed out your student loan amount, then you can't take out any more loans. If you are being cut off becasue of too many attempted hours... then you can't get any federal aid. Loans or grants.
Hope this helps.

Lillie Said:

I am a college student and have been summoned for jury duty...?

We Answered:

Deal with it. You will most likely just spend a day there and be sent home. Just go and hope for the best. I've done it 3 times and never spent more than 6 hours waiting.

Rick Said:

Why is the Obama administration giving a free pass to millions of illegals?

We Answered:

I'd like to ask President Reagan why he did the exact thing during the presidency.

Teresa Said:

How can I find out if I am income-eligible for Federal Student Aid for continuing education in Ohio?

We Answered:

There is not a chart. The only way to know is to file a FAFSA at Every families individual financial situation is run through a formula. You will be eligible for more then your children, as on your FAFSA, it will be considered that there are 3 family members in college, where as on your children's FAFSA, you will not count as a family member in college, so their FAFSA will only have 2 family members in college. (if your children are 24 or older they will be considered independent studnets)

Once you file your FAFSA, you will need to check with the school or school(s) you all are wanting to attend. The school will offer you a financial aid award. The FAFSA is simply the "tool" the schools use to determine what aid and how much you are elgible for.

Good luck to all of you!

Matthew Said:

I want to go to college out of state............?

We Answered:

If your gpa is fairly high, you can get a significant amount of money through merit scholarships at private colleges. You may also get money if a college thinks you will contribute to the diversity of their campus. For example, you might be a white female from Ohio, which does not seem very diverse. However, if you are applying to a college in New Mexico, where there are very few kids from Ohio, you would add to the diversity of their population and may get money.

Out of state schools will not usually provide any money for you, however there are occasionally states that are trying to attract students and will lower the out of state tuition rate.

Here is a list of schools - most expensive and least expensive.…

This is from a US News & World Reports article:

"But some states and colleges are so eager to attract out-of-staters that they are making it easy for students to qualify for in-state tuition.

Easiest of all is Eastern Oregon University, which doesn't charge out-of-state tuition at all. Total cost of attendance this year, including books and travel: less than $18,000.

The University of Alaska charges in-state tuition to any admitted student whose parent has invested in Alaska's 529 college savings plan. Parents in any state can buy shares of University of Alaska tuition at today's in-state rates. The total cost of attendance, including books and travel, is about $18,000 this year.

Southern Illinois University, Washburn University in Kansas, and Northern Michigan University, to name a few, allow students to apply for in-state tuition after living on campus for just six months (and taking other steps such as registering to vote and paying local taxes).

Students at North Dakota universities who pay rent there for at least one year and make other efforts such as registering to vote, paying local taxes, and switching car registration can apply for in-state status. The total in-state cost of attending the University of North Dakota this year is about $16,000.

Many other schools waive out-of-state fees for students who meet minimal qualifications."

Good luck!

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