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Great Laptops For College Students

Alfredo Said:

Laptop needed for College?

We Answered:

Realistically, you don't need a laptop for college. I have found that the portability is not necessary. Often times if you look at the University website they run specials on laptops (and sometimes desktops). Usually this is run through either "University Computing" or the Campus bookstore. It is worth checking this out-the reason is often these computers are configured to be perfect for that school.

Something worth considering is a can spend alot less money and get a much 'better' computer - more memory, faster processor, bigger/better monitor, and many more capabilities.

Often when you buy a laptop, you also purchase a docking station, keybord, speakers, mouse, etc...and the laptop pretty much gets used as if it were a desktop.

Anyway, good look with your quest! Hope this was helpful!

Rose Said:

Whats a great laptop for a college student majoring in pre-med?

We Answered:

Get a mac. Of Course Made By Apple Inc..
Warning You will Hear This From Others

1. Macs are over priced
2. Macs can't do much
3. Macs are just nice to look at
4. Get Virus's easily


1. You do pay a premium for a mac but you are buying hardware and software from the same company that makes both parts. Making a Simpler, smoother, more reliable Machine that will last for years to come

2. Macs can do everything windows can, except BETTER!! yes i said better.

3. Yes they are nice to look at, but what is inside is what matters and i do not see how they fit it all in there but they do (Apple Rocks at this)

4. Macs are virtually Virus free. Since it's Os is based on unix and apple keeps frequent updates and most of the world uses windows based machines. Macs are 99.98% VIRUS FREE. Leaving you with some extra cash from not having to buy stupid anti-virus license's or upgrade yearly.


Do Yourself a Favor and get a Mac

My Recommendations are below

I Prefer the MacBook Pro or the iMac. But then again if you are on a budget you can get a regular super sexy MacBook for 1,299 and the MacBook Pro Starts around 1,999. I mean if you want a good one to do Documents, browsing, Little Photo editing, Minor video Editing just get the Macbook, but if you do stuff like 10 photoshop windows and 80,000 other things going at one time get the MacBook pro, Then If you want a desktop Instead of A laptop Get the iMac. It's great performance and does everything you need.

I own a Mac pro for my major stuff, then I have My Macbook Air for going to class. Then i have a macbook Pro for Major Stuff on the go. My brother bought the new aluminum MacBook and it is super fast and amazing and it cost a Fraction Of the cost of my pro and his is just as fast as mine.


Apple innovates and Windows copies and Intimidates

Hope i helped


P.S. I am an I.T. specialist in windows and Macintosh, so I think I Would know

Sheila Said:

Do College students care about their laptops?

We Answered:

Go to their parents. I don't think a lot of people (college or not) really think about security...and the younger they are the more they probably don't. I'm sure their parents would be more opt to think of security so you may want to try that route.

Frederick Said:

Are tablet laptop a really help for college students?

We Answered:

Just read about tablet PC on i think you can enough information there on Tablet Pcs

Leonard Said:

What is a great starter laptop for a community college student?

We Answered:

you can check out these websites for a laptop, but i dont know if you live in US or Canada, either way you can check out for US and .ca for canada, or if you live in US you can also check out the prices on

Susan Said:

what are the best laptop brands for college students?

We Answered:

If you want a personalized, reliable and quick advice, you should check out ( They have a recommendation engine that ranks laptops and other tech products based on ratings and reviews from a community of trusted IT professionals. They also have a cool personalization slider that lets you personalize the results based on the criteria that are most important to YOU.

Hope you'll find this answer useful...

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