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Great Paying Jobs For College Students

Pamela Said:

Good Paying College Student Job?

We Answered:

As for the bar, probably not. You can serve beer and wine at 18, but not mixed drinks. You could check your college's internship office if they have one, usually they have a nice listing of part time jobs. Babysitting may be ok, but make sure you know how to handle kids.

When the school year starts, you could tutor high school kids, or younger if you want. That pays alot of money. Last year I tutored in chemistry (I was still in high school) and got $20 an hour. If you're in college and are a good teacher you may be able to get $25 or $30. You can advertise via flyers, or call alot of private schools and public schools and tell them to refer you to students srtuggling in whatever subject you want to tutor.

Vernon Said:

Anyone know of any great paying jobs for a college student for the summer?

We Answered:

Try working at a country club. That's what I did during my summers off. They usually pay pretty well and they really only need summer help because it's seasonal.

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