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Group Activities For College Students

Emma Said:

What are good adult group activities for car rides?

We Answered:


Carrie Said:

What are some good icebreakers for groups of college students?

We Answered:

Some ice breakers I've done in the past are:

- The Human Knot
* supplies needed: none
--- Students will stand in a circle and grab two different peoples' hands; these people should not be standing directly next to them. The goal [now that everyone's hands are tangled], is to figure out a way to untangle themselves without letting go of each other's hands [focuses on communication, listening skills and teamwork]

- Tank and Commander
* supplies needed: rolled up socks, blindfolds, open space
--- Students will pair up; one will be the "tank" and the other will be the "commander." All the "tanks"will be blindfolded and lead to the center of the room/space. Also in this space will be the rolled-up socks.The object of this game is for the "commanders" to verbally guide their partner to the socks and have them throw them at the other "tanks," but they cannot touch their partners [so it's goal is like that of a game of dodgeball - you want to get as many people out as possible]. The last person left in the game wins.
[focuses on listening skills and teamwork]

- Out to Sea [that's not the real name of the activity, but I couldn't remember it]
* supplies needed: open space
--- This activity is slightly similar to musical chairs in that you'll be constantly moving, except students will be getting into different groups based on how many people are needed. One person [you] will be calling out different "groups" - so students will scramble to find people and perform the activity til you call out the next one. If they can't find someone, they are out. There are 4 different "groups" that can be made:
- ballroom dancing [2 ppl] - ppl will rush to grab a partner and dance
- rowing the boat [3 ppl] - ppl will need to get in a line and crouch and pretend to row
- starfish [5 ppl] - ppl will get in a circle, grab each others hands and stick their held hands out (like a startfish)
- octopus [8 ppl] - each person will put 1 hand in the middle, and wave the other one out [like a tentacle]

You can call these groups out as many times as you want and in any order that you want.

Hope these ideas help; I've done all of these in college and they usually people get really into them, especially if it's a semi-big group. It might be a little hard if the kids are shy, but once they get going, it probably should be ok.

All of them have some element of teamwork and/or communication...but if you're looking for something more serious, you could probably ask friends who are involved with Res Life or Orientation Counseling.

Gregory Said:

What group activities for college students are there in Columbus OH?

We Answered:

Columbus is the home of Ohio State University and so the whole town is basically a big college town that is geared toward college students but here are a few specifics:

Schrock's Amish Farm - It is a real amish farm right outside of town that is welcoming and catering to tourists and those who are curious about the amish lifestyle --- very interesting

COSI Museum of Columbus - A great place to spend some time. It is an interactive museum with lots of technological stuff to play with

German Village - a place with several German boutiques, restaurants, etc

Ohio State Tour-- Call the admissions office. They will be glad to arrange a guided tour of campus

Hope this helps!

Edwin Said:

College Group Activities?

We Answered:

There are many group activities to enjoy in group ... with college fellows.


Math Club



Drama Club

Science Club

Debate Team

Horse-Back riding

improvising (improv) team


Quiz or Guess..........

YOu can do any thing you like above.. But

If you want something new I have an idea/..

Giving titles to your teachers/guys it will be very funny I myself use this idea in my university in last month & was very successful..
LIke each student of you can parody one of the teacher with whom he or she matches physically or syle of communication.. Or you can use your projector to show slides of titles with matching songs....(songs should be funny).......... to every one... You can use titles on teachers or can use on guys.. So guys can use the same idea on you (girls)..

Bst f LUck

Raymond Said:

fun group activities to do with college students?

We Answered:

Set up some fun classes. I mean if someone on the floor knows how to do a craft or something they can teach the rest of you with a fun class activity. Also, ornament making parties at Christmas, game night where you organize a game together like charades, trivia games or pictionery, or how about having a night where you all go and do some charitable work for someone like visit people in an old folks home and bring them alittle cheer. Just some ideas.

Sidney Said:

What are some group activities for critical thinking and openness to learning? (for college students)?

We Answered:

If the class is for Education Majors, then design a lesson for the students to create such a lesson.

Put them is groups and assign the task.

Give some starter examples:

Convicts learning knitting....
Democrats researching the rise of the Ditto-head (Rush Limbaugh--he wasn't always a Republican)
Republicans researching Hillary Clinton--she was a Republican at Vassar.

Good Luck....

Esther Said:

What are some good religious activities for college students?

We Answered:

Christian board games, video curriculums, sharing testimonies

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