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Guaranteed Student Loans For College

Frederick Said:

Which one of the following federal programs would liberals in America be likely to oppose?

We Answered:

the answer your teacher is looking for is number three, because that is part if the military-industrial complex, which all liberals officially view as bad.
many educated people, both liberal and conservative, oppose the national health insurance program as it has been currently put into law, both because of the cost and the inequities which it will bring about,
liberals and conservatives alike have been in support of subsidized loans for college students, as well as pell grants and other scholarship programs.
and liberals and conservatives alike are in favor of many of the programs to help the truly disabled, though with different ideas of how it should be done
again, your teacher wants number three, even though many liberals are supporters of the military and are very patriotic

Judith Said:

Is going to the perfect college worth twenty thousand dollars of student loans a year?

We Answered:

That's a tough question. Have you checked into getting grants or other scholarships? What about a part-time job on campus to help with some of the expenses? Thought about going to a junior college for two years, then transferring for your junior and senior year at your dream school? If none of those work out or sound like what you want, then I say go for it.

Follow your dream and don't look back.

Betty Said:

should the government be allowed to decide who goes to college?

We Answered:

They shouldn't and they don't.

Chris Said:

student loan guaranteed by state paid off off but shows default by initial lender?

We Answered:

You'll have to talk to Edsouth. I'm not sure if you can do anything about it, but your best bet will be to contact TN to request a letter showing the loan is paid off, and then show that to Edsouth.

Good luck!

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