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Health And Dental Insurance For College Students

Aaron Said:

I am a college student in Pennsylvania looking for health, dental, and vision insurance.?

We Answered:

OK, you want 100% coverage for $1 a month. It doesn't exist.

You're actually looking at THREE DIFFERENT policies here.

If you're 20 and perfectly healthy, nothing wrong, not overweight, a good, low/no deductible plan should run you around $225 a month.

SO. If you want to cut that in half, you have to take on a $5,000 deductible.

Your dental coverage will run around $26 a month, with waiting periods for anything except cleanings. And the vision coverage will cost about the same - $20 a month, with a six month wait until they pay for an exam or glasses.

You can't exchange $50 now for a known $500 you want to incur in the next month. Insurance companies would go out of business. They don't WORK that way.

If you have no insurance now, any "expenses" you have now, are going to be excluded under a new policy.

Just like the lottery, you have to buy the ticket BEFORE you number comes up.

Terrence Said:

which Dental and/or Health Insurance should I get?

We Answered:

I completely understand where you are coming from. I would encourage you to visit this great website: I signed up online over 5 years ago when I was also in college and was looking for some type of affordable coverage. They have saved me thousands on all services. From exams, Root canals, xrays, cleanings etc. Even my braces were covered. They even had my very affordable plan active in 2 hours and was able to use the plan the very same day. Good luck and hope this helps

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