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Health Insurance For College Student

Jason Said:

Eye and Health Insurance ( College Student)?

We Answered:

Most college health offices on campus have brochures for just this thing. Affordable insurance for students. Check it out.

Julio Said:

Health Insurance for college student?

We Answered: - my family have this health insurance. It is affordable and has good coverage for dental issues.

Deanna Said:

Health insurance for college student at TWO different colleges.?

We Answered:

You need to check with Blue Cross what their definition of full time student status is. Full time does not necessarily mean full time schedule. It may only mean that you are regularly enrolled in classes without any concern whether it's full or part time. Also, the definition and requirements can change depending on whether you have an HMO or non-HMO plan. Ask a Blue Cross Representative to explain the requirements.

Ida Said:

health student?

We Answered:

Check to see if your school offers health insurance as a package deal for students.

You also might want to check out whether there are jobs available on campus, or other kinds of financial support. Check out your options while you are working (even if you work for a year or two, first - the work experience will help you when you look for a job after school and you can save money in the meantime - and then go somewhere with a program that meets your needs and objectives.

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