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Health Insurance For College Students In Florida

Julian Said:

Where can one go for Financial assistance for a medical bill in florida?

We Answered:

Most hospitals have assistance programs for people that meet the minimum financial guidelines. Check with the hospital's Business Office or Financial Counseling Office. Don't delay-once the account goes to collection, it is much harder to get any financial assistance from the provider. Unless the student meets medical criteria for medicaid, (s)he probably won't qualify for it.

Glenda Said:

Health Insurance and Medicaid?

We Answered:

Medical Discount Plan
ideal for those who cannot afford or qualify for traditional health insurance. The companies offer discounted health services for a quite low monthly fee. Benefits include a range of discounts for doctors, hospitals, dental, vision, prescriptions, vitamins, as well as other health services.

Individual & Family Health Plans
This is a major health insurance plan for individuals and families. If you are looking for comprehensive long term health insurance coverage for yourself and/or your family members who are 62 years old or younger - this is the plan to choose.

Short Term Medical Plans
This plan is ideal for individuals in transition. Maybe you have just graduated from college and are no longer covered under your student health insurance or you moved out on your own, and you're no longer covered under your parents' medical insurance plan. Or perhaps you're employed part-time, going to school, leaving home for the first time, or even retiring early. Maybe you've found a new job, but your new employer's group health insurance plan won't kick in until you've been with months.

My suggestion is trying to absorb as much information as you can before making up your mind,here    is a good one.

Vickie Said:

Info. Necessities on living/moving to Canada with College student Visa--need lots of info--HELP?

We Answered:

you will not qualify to immigrate to canada on a college student visa

a student visa allows you to study in canada but you must have your own money to pay international student fees and support yourself while in canada, you must be accepted by an educational institute before applying for a student visa

to immigrate you must be a skilled worker

Dwayne Said:

Cheapest form of Health Care?

We Answered:

If your college offers student health insurance, that is probably the cheapest deal you'll get for some time.
If they have a student health center, they can probably help or at least refer you appropriately.
So many things it COULD be. You can try your health department--probably IS sliding fee scale.
If it turns out to be serious, this could help:
"Health Centers provide health and dental care to people of all ages, whether or not they have health insurance or the money to pay for health care.
Find the Health Center closest to you

Hill-Burton Free & Reduced Cost Care at hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities are required to provide a specific amount of free or below cost health care to people unable to pay. Eligibility is based on the size of your family and your income. You apply for Hill-Burton care at the facility where you were or will be treated.
More about Hill-Burton and find facilities in your State "

Your state has a high-risk health insurance pool also BUT it's been closed to new enrollees for nearly 2 decades. Seems like something you could write your state legislators about--may not need high-risk, but you should feel for others who are uninsurABLE, which is really what that is for.

On a national level, consider this:…
This is hands down THE best, most comprehensive plan there is. Be nice if folks would learn about it and start demanding Congress discuss something that will:

save Medicare

save Medicaid & SCHIP

save us from humungous tax increases

end the problem of the uninsured

end the problem of the uninsurABLE

end medical bankruptcies

open up thousands more slots for well qualified US students who want to become docs, nurses, and other needed allied health personnel

There is no downside unless you're a dishonest CEO of an insurance company who denies legit claims so you can take home millions more of unearned money. Unfortunately THEY have lobbyists out the wazoo in DC who protect them.

Good luck.

Peter Said:

Free health insurance near Brandon, FL?

We Answered:

That would be, Medicaid. Welfare insurance. You'll have to apply for it though the medicaid office of your state of residence.

Dale Said:

How can I find a proper insurance agent in Florida for international students in U.S?

We Answered:

Speaking to a local agent would be very helpful to you. They will know the market well and be able to help you navigate it.

For free health insurance quotes, and to connect with a local agent who can help you through this, fill out a quote form at


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