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Health Insurance For Full Time College Students

Mathew Said:

full time college student recently married who works part time can't afford health insurance need coverage

We Answered:

Your situation sux. The only advice I can offer is for you to try and find a part time job that offers health insurance. Your other choice is to buy into a group health insurance policy.

Darrell Said:

I am a full-time college student, and my mom cannot cover me for health insurance, but I also still live with?

We Answered:

Well sure. Any health insurance agent.

Remember, the higher the deductable, the lower the monthly cost. You should be able to get a high deduct policy for a reasonable premium that even a college student might afford.
This would cover you in case of serious illness or accident.
Sometimes called catastrophic insurance. Would not help with minor stuff.

Be careful tho. Lot's of scammers in the insurance business.
Stick with big name companies.

And don't fall for any plan that says they'll pay so much a day for any hospitalization. Those are rip offs. The plan you want pays the doctors, the hospital, and high outpatient services after you've paid the deductable.

The deductable only becomes a problem if you get real sick or in an accident. But, you will get taken care of, and you can arrange to pay the deductable off when you get well. Without the insurance, you'd owe the entire bill, and it would be much higher than if you had insurance. The companies contract with the hospitals and doctors for discounted rates. Without ins., you'd get the "list" price.

Good luck..

Morris Said:

Must I live with my parents to be covered under their health insurance if I am a full time college student?

We Answered:

Who claims you (or doesn't claim you) on their income tax return has no bearing on your financial aid. Generally, until you are married, have kids, turn 24, or earn a 4 year bachelor's degree, you will have to have your parents info on your fafsa.

You do not have to live with your parents in order to have your father get health insurance for you. Think about it, many, many, many college students move off, even go out-of-state to college... and their parents get health insurance on them!

Generally, your Dad claiming you gets you more than by him not... buying your own health insurance is costly and sometimes difficult. The offset (to you) is "marginally" higher taxes for you... but when you consider how much your dad saves in comparison, he might not other wise be able to afford your health insurance.

And he can claim you on his taxes without you living there but he MUST meet certain requirements in order to do so. You can look them up on the website

Regarding the rules about his health insurance policy, you would just have to read the policy or trust him.

Danielle Said:

health insurance & full time college students - Rhode Island Laws?

We Answered:

They can go to his church for financial help.

And most colleges DO offer a health plan you can buy into.

But I'd suggest, if they're that broke, he needs to get a full time job, and do college part time.

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Austin said:

I'm a Full-Time College Student and if I could get that health insurance without paying a premium, I'd be really glad. It's all amazing and I'm really glad about that.