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Help For College Students

Brittany Said:

What financial help is there for full time college students?

We Answered:

1. Adult Learning Grant (up to £30 per week): For you to qualify for ALG, you must be age 19 or over (though you can apply one month before your 19th birthday) and be living and studying in England.
Your course must:
i) lead to your first full Level 2 qualification or first full Level 3 qualification (Level 2 qualifications are equivalent to five or more GCSEs at grades A* to C or NVQ level 2. Level 3 qualifications are equivalent to two A levels or NVQ level 3).
ii) be at least 450 hours of ‘guided learning’ over a year, or at least 150 hours over a term - i.e: 12 or more hours in college per week
iii) be at a further education learning provider approved by the Learning and Skills Council (check with your college if you’re not sure)…

2. The Learner Support Fund can help students to complete a course if they get into financial hardship. They were previously known as Access or Hardship Funds (… )

3. Educational charities and trusts: EGAS (Educational Grants Advisory Service) specialises in charitable Trust Funding, and maintains a database of trusts and charities that assist students.

If you live in Wales, take a look at:…

If you live in Scotland:…

Anthony Said:

I want to start a note taking business for college students. What do you think?

We Answered:

At most schools, they already have programs for this sort of thing in which they hire students who are already taking the class to take notes. You might want to contact your student services department if you're interested in this sort of job, or perhaps your professor.

Eva Said:

I want to start a note taking business for college students?

We Answered:

Don't think you will be able to make a living from this. Key is you need to capture a number of clients (students) with the same requirements. You are unlikely to achieve this. Failing this, the number of clients per class will not be cost/time effective.

Andre Said:

What topics are college students interested in?

We Answered:

Sex--maybe you could write something about weird sex trends--like those naked parties some college's have (google it)
Making money
Getting good grades while doing as little work as possible

Arlene Said:

How are you independent college students making it work?

We Answered:

That's part of the going-away experience. I hope that you have claimed financial independence from your parents. That way, you get the most aid. I delivered New York Times in the morning before school. I also had a girlfriend help out with some of the rent.

Craig Said:

What is there to do in Las Vegas for college students majoring in Television and Radio Production?

We Answered:

If you call around to the various hotels, you should be able to get a back stage tour of some of the shows. Most of the hotels are usually pretty cool about this. Also many of the TV/Radio stations in town are usually pretty cool about tours.

As for night life, everything that was mentioned was fine.

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