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High Paying Part Time Jobs For College Students

Erik Said:

high pay part time job for college student?

We Answered:

No, probably not something like you mentioned unless you already have experience in the field. Being part-time means it'll be really hard to break into the field and get the necessary experience. Also, you usually have to be full-time to really get paid well.

Part-time jobs that work around your class schedule are pretty hard to find, much less skills-oriented ones that pay well. Usually, classes are held during the day (9-4) and office jobs have the same hours (8-5). Students don't have much flexibility.

Have you looked into work-study at your school?
Some jobs I can think of that are good for students: Being a waiter or bartender, an administrative assistant for a small company that only needs a part-timer, retail sales associate (could lead to a management position), teacher's assistant, construction worker, bank teller, or trying to find a paid internship in your field. Also, I know the US census committee is hiring now and they pay well.

Ruben Said:

I am a busy college student who is looking for a good paying part time job in Philly. Any ideas?

We Answered:

As a college student, you can check a company out it is IT COST YOU NOTHING absolutely no cost to you and it is not MLM.

Beatrice Said:

Jobs for a 20 year old college student?

We Answered:

Retail customer service, bus boy, food service, grocery store clerk, and warehouse jobs will probably be the easiest jobs to get while requiring a minimal amount of skill. It should provide you an income and provide some amount of flexibility around your school schedule.

From another angle, if you're willing to be patient on the money, you can also get research assistant and internship positions in your desired field. Some might be paid, but often they are not. Even though you're not getting money in the short-term, they will provide you an easier opportunity to get jobs later.

Most college grads will lack any relevant work experience, and having experience in your job industry as an intern will give you a head start above your competition. Ways you can look for research position jobs include visiting your college's career center, asking your class professors (they will sometimes need interns for their personal research projects), or E-mailing random professors in the department you're majoring in.

Jordan Said:

Can anyone give me some ideas for a part time/full time job for a college student?

We Answered:

Well, if you don't want to work at the fast food places. I know a lot of people who have jobs in different departments of campus. The campus gym may have jobs for students. And if you are the science type. Some of the labs in your campus may have research assistant jobs which can help your resume and be able to understand your field of study more through hands on experience. And on a random note if you are the social type... maybe you can become a resident assistant in a dormitory or the guide for campus tours

Minnie Said:

I'm trying to get a job. I would like a professional part -time job. im currently a college student. any ideas?

We Answered:

you could try taking surveys online. i made $50 last month by filling out surveys here and im only 15.

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