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History Websites For College Students

Vivian Said:

Looking for a college?

We Answered:

I want to do the same thing. You know explore the world i either want to major in journalism or phsychology. I found a school in paris that does phsycology and it has many mjors in History so i highly recommend it. im a freshman so i still got more time to find more but heres the site……

Gertrude Said:

Do I "have" to have a Bachelor's Degree in Art History to work as a professional in a museum (i.e. curator)?

We Answered:

In order to be a curator you will need a Masters degree. With a Bachelors degree you can start has a museum technician. It can be in either history, library science or any similar curriculum. If you could get two graduate degrees in museum studies and a specialized degree, then you get a job much easier.……

Joe Said:

I'm taking US history this semester.. what are some great websites with homework help?

We Answered:

wikipedia is terrible trust me anything can be changed. im a senior in HS and i took AP us history 4 a college credit and passed the test heres some help. well for the book we used there is with help on names people events stuff like that from the book but you can get an overview. or this site it works great it has tests reviews and everything and if you need help on anything e mail me and i should be able to answer, i just love history.

Hilda Said:

What websites can I go to, to get student loans and fiancial aid without paying it back?

We Answered:

Those are called scholarships not loans. A loan is something you have to pay back.

Gwendolyn Said:

good websites that provide, study help+advice+revision for students?

We Answered:

Erin Said:

What's the best website for a college freshman?

We Answered:

As a college freshman it is in your benefit to read, understand and know the information listed in your schools catalog. All of the different programs, definitions, school policies, code of conduct policies, definitions, rules regarding financial and academic suspension and probation. EVERYTHING is in this book. Get one, put it by your bed at night and READ it.

You will be amazed at all the things you'll learn about your school and the programs available to you. It will also list your graduation requirements very specifically and help keep you on track for that. Good luck.

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