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Homework Help For College Students

Alberto Said:

Is there a website where I can get help with elementary statistics? 10 points best answer?

We Answered:

page for elementary statistics…

google page for 'elementary statistics explained'…

Elementary statistics - using graphic calculators…

Frederick Said:

Is there a college level equivalent to Cosmeo, Yahoo Homework Help, or AOL Reference?

We Answered:

College is a bit trickier than high school, etc. Your university or college should offer tutoring for free, which is probably your best bet. Otherwise your options are limited, including research catalysts like Google Scholar or Wikipedia. The advantage of college is that most things are taught in the lectures, but if they're skills such as writing or math that aren't taught by the professor then there'll almost undoubtedly be some resource for help in those areas on campus. Free writing labs, tutors, etc. Try browsing your school's website.

Perhaps you could try office hours? Community college instructors tend to be more available and able to commit more time to individual students.

Daryl Said:

Any one good with pre-algebra for college students?

We Answered:

work inside out, starting with the absolute values


now remove the parenthesis


Marshall Said:

Should we really be helping students who post their homework questions on Yahoo Preschool?

We Answered:

Eventually they'll come to grief during an exam. Getting the answers to a few objective questions does no harm, I suppose, but many of the questioners want "examples and explanations" which are the most important parts. These usually aren't given in the answers, mainly because they're too long to write out,
so the questioners aren't really getting what they need to pass. I don't understand why some people go to Yahoo instead of Google, which could link them to helpful answers.

Bernard Said:

College Students - How do you study?

We Answered:

i like review sheets the most. the ones that sum everything up in a few pages. it depends on what material the teacher will cover on the test. if it's really detailed, reviewing the main terms & ideas of the book would be good.

Brett Said:

anybody want to help a college student with her math homework?

We Answered:

Let's see: $1,220 are his total earnings for the week. First we would subtract his flat rate of $260 from his total weekly earnings. So, $1,220 - $260 = $960

So, we've found out that $960 is 3% of x number of dollars (which are his total sales for that particular week) So now we set up an equation like this:

$960 = .03x

x= total sales

Solve for x by dividing 960 by .03. After doing that, we find that x = 32,000

So his total sales for the week would have to be $32,000 for him to earn $1,220

Martha Said:

What is a good way for college instructors to help students motivate to do their homework?

We Answered:


Try this site :

They offer the largest database of universities and colleges.

Really hope it was helpful

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Sandy said:

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