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Hospital Internships For College Students

Charles Said:

What to wear to an internship interview?

We Answered:

If you have a more sophisticated pair of slacks in cotton or cotton/linen blend, then wear those. It might be too warm for gabardine.

If not, then be sure to wear some classic jewelry. (ex. pearl studs or a nice ring)

Harry Said:

What are some ideas for where a college student majoring in nutrition might look for a job/volunteering?

We Answered:

nursing home or assisted living center

Margie Said:

Chances with Yale? preferably alumni or current students!?

We Answered:

You should be 100 % but the recent flood of applicants has changed everything. I would say 60-40 that you get in..

Jessie Said:

Comm College to Top 4yr School??? Chance me?

We Answered:

Well, schools in the Boston area tend to be very selective, because they get a lot of applications; Boston is considered quite a desirable place to attend college.

I'd say that your GPA at a community college (and your high school GPA) do not make your chances of transferring into a "top" school very good. The other problem is that top schools tend not to accept many transfer students. Their yield rates (that is, the number of accepted freshmen who accept the schools' offers of admission) are high, and they have waiting lists for freshmen, too. That limits the number of transfers they can accept.

I'd pick a couple of "reach schools" but also consider UMass, if Massachusetts is really where you want to be.

Nelson Said:

Do you think I could get into university in California?

We Answered:

Do you live in California? It may help if you do.

1. You need to take the courses required for graduating from high school.
2. You need to take the courses required for admission to UC.
3. Don't bet everything on UC. You need to have a backup plan. Pick two or three other colleges to apply to, and you need to meet their requirements too. This will be a LOT of classes. I had to go to summerschool for three classes, because there wasn't time during the regular school year to do it all.
4. Get some test prep/review books for SAT and SAT Subjects. Seriously, GET THEM NOW. If you're able to take the PSAT again, get test prep/review books for the PSAT -- again, NOW. Start working through these.
5. Also look into financial aid that you can get. If your high school has a college counselor, start talking to him/her ASAP. Guess what? You also need to talk to YOUR PARENTS.

Anyway, go to the UC admissions requirements page and look at the requirements.…

And now for the advice you didn't want to hear from a complete stranger on the internet:
6. Being a college student is, for most people, not an end in itself. You need to go there with a pretty good idea of what your post-college career is going to be.
7. I am going to suggest that you actually visit the campus where you want to go. Sooner would be better. They probably have a guided tour on most weekdays. Google for it.

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