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Hotel Internships For College Students

Maurice Said:

Minors staying in hotels?

We Answered:

with prior notice and approval of guardian, i think you will be allowed to do that.

Darlene Said:

College Student Tranferring to University of New Orleans?

We Answered:

jobs are dime a dozen right now in new orleans (as far part time is concerned..) by the way i live in new orleans for all my life...

best part time jobs especially for a woman... is a shot girl... which basically all you do is sell shots at friend used to do it and got paid at least 130 to 200 or more a night... thats working like 6 hours.....u don't need any experience to be a bartender or shot girl in new orleans just a good attitude... honestly u could say that u do have experience and they wont ask what kind... but i dont wanna encourage lying... as far as warehousing... theres rouses every fast food rest restaurant and even gas stations willing to pay you up to nine dollars an hour....

id go with bartender or a shot girl .... go down to bourbon street and get yourself a good paying job.. u can work 1 to 3 days and have the rest of your time to study...

if you need any more help with the city... be free to email me at

if you want to know anymore... GOOD LUCK

Hugh Said:

Is there no large scaled hotel in the UK? 2. cannot find one available to do work placement?

We Answered:

Not sure where you've been getting your information but you have been seriously misled. All the major hotel chains operate in the UK. As for whether they are like Hotel Babylon, who knows or cares? (It's fiction).

George Said:

Advise on F1 student for applying OPT?

We Answered:

You got the wrong information my friend. You can apply OPT after 1 academic year, which you have. Please refer to . People always get confused about OPT, I was confused once too. Then, I got to know that we can apply OPT before graduation. You are allowed only 1 year on OPT.

You can also do CPT if your school permits. You can only do 20 hours during normal semesters and 40 hours during summer. You have to make sure you don't exceed 12 months on CPT in order to enable you to use OPT.

Hope that helps.

Rodney Said:

Given my situation, how do I apply for a job without looking like a flight risk?

We Answered:

Use your school's address as your home address. Past work experience is that, past. If they ask, then tell them that you are currently living at X and have been so for the past X years.
If it is a college internship, your college should be helping you get this position. Keep on them for that assistance.

Kristin Said:

What are some jobs a current college student could get working at a hotel?

We Answered:

or you can apply for housekeeping or laundry or maybe even front desk or conceirge

Lorraine Said:

No large scaled hotel in the UK? 2. cannot find one available to do work placement?

We Answered:

Try Jersey in the Channel Isles there are some really high class hotels there! and some of the best people to tutor you in Europe and its a lovely Island to live in! PS normally that is! bit of a thing going on there in the news at the moment!

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