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Housing Assistance College Students

Thomas Said:

Does anyone know of any type of housing assistance for a college student?

We Answered:

There is a site online called but it is a loan. Look for someone needing assitance in exchange for a room, some disabled/elderly people need help shopping, getting to dr and just having some one to chat with and will exchange a room for help.

Travis Said:

I am a single mother and full time college student. How can i find financial assistance for housing?

We Answered:

Did you try the financial aid dept. in your school? Also try health and welfare dept. If those two can't help, they should be able to point you in the right direction. Sometimes, the Elks lodge or some of the other lodges will help, you just have to ask. You are a very brave woman, keep up the good work and let nothing get in the way of your providing for your family and building a life for you all. The best of luck in all that you do!

Eugene Said:

is there any housing assistance when both parents of a child go to college?

We Answered:

No, but you can use student loans to pay for housing.

Alicia Said:

food stamps/ housing assistance for college students?

We Answered:

If you are maried, you count as a family and income limits go higher. Did you apply as married couple? Did you ask how you can qualify? Sometimes you can do a spenddown until you qualify.

There are heat assistance programs in most areas that will help with the heat bills.

Check out the HUD website. There are affordable housing communities that have low rent and the rent can't go up unless the economy improves. Some of them are really nice; I lived in one for years while i was in school.

Once you are married, your parents can't claim you as dependents, and you can get financial aid much more easily.
Apply as soon as you are married.

Also, look at your expenses. Are there any changes you can make to save money? Are you eating out or paying for all the extras on your cell phones? Can you take public transit?

Above all; stop using credit cards immediately. They will ruin you and keep you in debt for years. Even the highest-interest student loan is better than a credit card to pay for expenses.

My husband and I were married college students making a lot less than you are, and we got by. It was hard, but we managed and we have a lot of good memories of being creative to get by when we were so poor. Good luck to you.

Claire Said:

Are college students disqualified from receiving Section 8 Housing Assistance?

We Answered:

If you are a full time college student, you are still considered a dependent to your parents. Dependents can not receive welfare, food stamps, or other government aid.

Philip Said:

Are there any housing assistance programs for low-income college students?

We Answered:

I would say if you have a student union/gathering hall at your school, you can check the bulletin boards for any programs like that. Or do you have any other relatives who are stable that you can stay with (I lived with my mom while I was in school)? Also you can get an apartment with roommate(s).

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