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Housing Grants College Students

Melinda Said:

can community colleges give students grants to pay for off-campus housing?

We Answered:

yes but it may not pay for all the bills

Scott Said:

Does the fafsa give commnunity college students the same amount of grants for housing and everything?

We Answered:

Based on your condition, it will depend on your current situation. You'll be asked things like: how much money do you make, do you have children, w-2's forms are usually requested, are you working, are you still living at home, or are you living alone. There are federal grants for students, single parents, and loans for those attending community colleges.
Unfortunately everything has a cut off date. If you are planning to apply a federal grant for the fall 2007, good luck.
Federal grants do not have to be paid back, but you have to pass your classes and you assume that responibility when you accept the grant. In other words, you can not just take the money and not attend your classes.
Yes, federal grants usually supply a student with enough money for housing and other needs, but be careful. If that's only money that is coming in, it's better just save the extra money for a rainy day.

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