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Housing Grants For College Students

Johnny Said:

Grants and Student Housing?

We Answered:

As far as I know, yes. That's what I've been doing!

Jordan Said:

I have a HUGE dilemma, it deals with College Housing/dorms?

We Answered:

if you get the grant live on campus and if you dont dont worry it

but it would be mean to someone else to get the money and not use it of whats its mean for

some body who lives really far a way for the school could that money for housing

Dawn Said:

Are there any grants available for low income families to help with housing?

We Answered:

There aren't any grants, you have to work and pay for your own house.

In your situation the only housing assistance available would be homeless shelters, one for women and children, another for men.

In order to receive other housing, like a project or section 8 both you and that great provider you married have to be working at least 35 hours a week, each.

As you are a college student you can use student loans to pay for housing.

Dwight Said:

Can I use Pell and Federal Supplemental (SEOG) grants for housing?

We Answered:

okay, forget the "cost of attendance' that is just an ESTIMATE the school uses. what YOU need to be concerned about is how much your tuition and fees are going to be at the school. If you know that AND your SEMESTERs Pell grant and FSEOG amount, then you can get a rough estimate of what your refund check will be.

you MIGHT get an apartment off campus that costs 1000 a month, or you might find an off campus apartment that costs 200 a month.... the "Cost of Attendance" is just an estimate. So you just need to be aware that any aid you get isn't going to be given to YOU well until AFTER the semester has started. So if you plan on getting an apartment, you need to be sure you have the CASH to pay for everything (deposits, first one or two months rent) UP FRONT!!!

Your excess (if you have any) isn't going to be sent to you until after the semester is well underway.

Pell 5550 a year (2750 a semester)
FSOEG 2000 a year (1000 a semester)

Total tuition and fees (per semester) is 2,000

so 3,750
- 2,000
$1,760 extra (refund check) for the 16 week semester excess to pay for what ever you want.

Larry Said:

College grant that pays for housing?

We Answered:

No it doesn't :(
It only covers your tuition, if there is any money left they send you a tuition refund check, but if you go to one of those 4 years colleges/universities, the grants won't even be enough for your tuition, you will have to take a federal loan (that maybe wont be enough either) and/or a private student loan (dang, these suck but really, if you have no help from someone to pay the dang college expenses, this is your only solution.).
I have federal financial aid, the grants don't cover even half of tuition, but with the federal loans it cover a little bit more than half. I had to take a private student loan to pay the rest (including housing).
If you have any more questions, email me I will be happy to help.

Marlene Said:

How much does college REALLY cost?

We Answered:

Depends on the school. Some school have more money to pass around that others. You may get housing grants for $2,000, you may get a scholarship for $500 or $5,000. You could get no "free" money, and you may need to take it all out in loans.

My parents made little money and the only grant I got was $1000 for housing. I took out Stafford loans and my parents took a $20,000 loan for my first year. The years following was all loans. I worked to get money for books.

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